28 October 2008

Lather. Rinse. Repeat

Kiereney heads to an eye specialist tomorrow morning for a visual field exam and back to the hospital on Monday for 72 hours for a cisternogram to check the shunt for blockage. Apparently from what I read, she will have a small amount of radioisotope injected into her spinal canal after they measure the fluid pressure and the flow pattern will be scanned every few hours tracking the radioisotope looking for blockages.

Her neurosurgeon sat down this morning and showed the three of us the films they took 2 weeks ago in ER. Her shunt is exactly where it is supposed to be. However, he is concerned that she lost peripheral vision and the headaches came back just 2 weeks after surgery. The Diamox apparently hasn't helped at all. And the ventricles in her brain are so tiny from the pressure. Something is not right.

Her first thought upon hearing the plan?

"The first time I get to vote in a Presidential election is Tuesday and I'm not missing it!" (She is her brother's sister...)

So after the eye tests tomorrow morning I'm taking her home to the courthouse where she lives so she can cast her vote and spend some time with her brother. She will come back up with Kathy on Saturday and into the hospital(a different one, I think than before) on Monday.

I am very happy that the neurosurgeon is being proactive and following through on this. I had my sermon prepared had he said, "Well, let's just wait and see how she does and recheck in six weeks." I'm not comfortable with her having the constant headache and no peripheral vision. That represents a significant change after the surgery and I want to get to the bottom of this. I can deal with black and white but gray just fries me.

Not obsessing about this at all.

Just sayin'.



Tonjia said...

you are doing a great job of handling this Ness. I dont know if I would do so good.

Prayers are headed KJ's way!

kimmy said...

You are a good Mom Ness...stay strong!

The picture on my blog is of my new iPhone. That thing is amazing. It is like walking around with a computer in the palm of my hand!

Sending hugs...


Steph said...


Keeping KJ in my prayers as she goes through these next few day to determine why she is still having all of these issues. My prayer is that once and for all they will be able to find something that will work for her so that she can put this behind her and move forward with the rest of her future.


Alice said...

Prayers and love as always. If I'm ever sick I want you to come be my advocate! Hang in there, mom. You are doing a fantastic job.


Debra W said...

Good for you for being proactive, Ness. When it comes to our children, we want doctors who understand how important they are to us! Please let us know how things go today. As always, I am holding KJ very close in my prayers.