28 October 2008

15 Ways to Stop Obsessing

It's no secret that I have OCD. I've been on medicine for it since Jesus helped his Father in the carpenter shop. Most of the time, I manage OK. But then some life altering thing like miscarriage, car wreck, cancer, daughter with pseudotumor cerebri or son heading off to Ft. Sill that kicks in one of the characteristics of OCD...obsessing.

I just love Therese J. Borchard who runs the blog Beyond Blue that I list in my sidebar. She keeps it real and that includes about herself and her mental struggles.

I just read 15 Ways to Stop Obsessing on her blog and I think it's a must read for everyone because, card carrying OCD member or not, we all tend to obsess at times when Life's problems come into our lives.

And if you're the lucky one who doesn't get dumped on by the Life Fairy, send me your address because I want to come and sit next to you and feel your bliss.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummmmm.... you can come sit by me anytime... bliss might be absent but we can obsess together... and if that dont work I know where they sell really good food (cracker barrell is calling me)
love you!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Do NOT sit next to me. I suspect the Twomey family may have a contagious dose of BADLUCKITIS or BLACKCLOUDHOVERINGABOVEOURHEADSITIS

Either way, we are not free of crap to obsess/stress over.


Alice said...

I needed this today, Ness. Thank you. And I may just join you and Laura at Cracker Barrel. :)

jojo said...

I recently had my OCD/card renewed for the next year so I will be joining you and Laura at Cracker Barrel. What a perfect name for the place we should all sit at....CRACKERS! You are not alone Ness...prayers and good thoughts to you and yours. I just caught up on the last few days...Michael is one incredible son...and his sisters are pretty awesome too ;) I can feel your love shining for him from here...