26 October 2008

Pics of Michael's Going Away Bash

Michael's Bash Pics

You will have to put your cursor on the caption of the picture to read the whole thing. I didn't caption all of them. After a while you can only write Cade and Carter playing so many

It was a great time and I am tired beyond tired. I pushed it yesterday playing with Cade and Carter and playing kick ball with Michael. But the memories will carry me far!


kim-d said...

It looks like you all had a great time, Ness--and the weather cooperated! PLAYING KICKBALL? Woman, what on earth got into you, huh? BWAHAHA! I love a good party at a a park, but I wish it was for some other purpose...such as a general family get together/reunion. Know what I mean, Jellybean? :)

I hope you are taking it very easy today, and that you are enjoying some leftover chili...NUM.

kim-d said...

YES, YOU CAN TOO DO IT. YOU CAN AND YOU WILL. Because you are a Mother and that is just what Mothers do. You give what you can give, and you do what you can do and then you give it to The Heavenly Father. You do a lot of praying, you have a lot of faith, and you keep on doing all of the things that you've done for the last 30+ years that you've been a Mother. You do all of these things, along with divine intervention. The only thing you CAN'T do is say you can't do must think of how that would make Michael and KJ feel to hear you say that. You are their strength; always have been, always will be. Cause you're the Mom, that's why.