27 October 2008

A Man of Wisdom Wrote These Words

In only nine days, the country will finally put an end to a "war of attrition" which may have only started mere months ago, but has dragged on for an eternity. History will judge this as one of our greatest moments in which the people of America will make a decision that will affect our path during these perilous times. I have noticed, as well as a large majority of the country, that we remain divided among sectarian and party lines. While both campaigns have certainly stirred the pot when it comes to finger pointing and negative propoganda, we all bear the burden of responsibility in thinking that the country will only persevere if "our" candidate occupies the White House. It is only proper we should think this way for that is what makes us indvidually unique when it comes to how we feel about our government. We are rare indeed because we can advocate so strongly for the people we believe should represent us on the world stage. While personally I do not believe in negative campaigning, it is only inevitable that it will be used, for that is the unfortunate rules of politics. Up until November 4, people should advocate and push for their candidate/party for it shows that Americans are not completeley apathetic when it comes to their government. When the dust settles on that night, however, the lines need to be destroyed and we must demonstrate our greatest strength: unity. What makes this country great among the standards of history is our ability to unite behind one leader even if he, and perhaps someday she, goes against what we believe. The one time we did not follow our own example, we degenerated into the Civil War and nearly destroyed something that had only decades before so many died to create. While the possiblility of this catastrophe happening following this election is remote, it serves the purpose of what the end result should be. We must stand behind one person on the night of November 4 and be ready to work with those who, during this campaign, we labeled as the "other side" Whether you believe in experience or change, whether you want big government or small government, whether you come from a red state or a blue state, we must stand united and remain focused on the task ahead. How I vote, you vote, the guy down the street votes or the woman in the checkout line votes will be the same or different but for varying reasons. When this "war of attrition" ends, we must humble winners and gracious loosers. We face many challenging and perlious tasks ahead. Both campaigns are indeed correct when they say we stand at a crossroad. It is for us to move forward after the election and make sure the business of the country is attended to. It is for us set the example that we can be passionate about our candidates and our party but at the end of the day respect the tradition of one one governement and one people. Finally, it is for us to show the world that we live up to our strengths by rallying behind the elected leader even if all the people are not pleased and feel it unfair. Thomas Jefferson states: "We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists". I will add to that we are all Americans and must be ready to demonstrate to future generations that at a time of great divide, in the end we were able to live up to our greatest strength.

This man posted this on Facebook yesterday.

I call this man my son.


kim-d said...

That is incredible. For the first time in this whole "election season" I have read something that I agree with 100%. I have been so dismayed this time around; it seems like everybody has descended down to the lowest "mean-ness" level possible. No matter who you support or how much you don't like the opponent, to denigrate ANY candidate's children is just wrong. The Senate race here in MN has been the nastiest that I remember. The things that have been said on BOTH sides of this whole debacle, on all levels, is just unconscionable. In the end, the people who win are our leaders and if we are going to remain a halfway civilized society we need to be united behind our leaders. I don't like to be pessimistic, but I don't even want to think about all the whining that will be going on November 5th.

And if I hear even ONE MORE so-called "star" nattering on about leaving the country if So-And-So is elected, I think they should be personally escorted out of the country. Enough of that stuff; think it all you want, but shut up! There are plenty of places that wouldn't even allow those thoughts to be spoken...

As for me, I think I'm going to cast a write-in ballot for The Man of Wisdom for President. :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes to what michael and kim said...I totally agree 100% and personally can not wait for Nov 5th to get here so we can start to get on with it which ever wins because I fear for us as a nation as things stand right now.

love n hugs Laura

Alice said...

I totally agree with Kim-d. That was beautifully written and probably falls in line with what the majority of the coutry thinks. You have one incredible son, Ness, you should be proud. Somebody raised him right. Sending prayer to Michael as he begins this next chapter in his life. He is obviously mature and ready. I am proud that he is serving our country.

Reddirt Woman said...

How proud you must be of your son, Ness! That has to be one of the best statements I've read since this election campaign began so very long ago.

I salute you, Ness, for having helped to shape a young man with such a mature outlook on this election. I know he will use his intelligence to govern his own life.

I salute your son also and thank him for sharing his thoughts.


Steph said...


I agree that Michael is a "Man of Wisdom" and I agree with the writer about the election. I did go and voted today in the pre-voting on my way home from school. I'm one of those people who believe that if you don't vote than you have not right to say anything about the direction that our country is heading because you didn't try to change things when you could, as small as that might be.


PS. New picture on my blog.

Debra W said...

You should be very proud, Ness. Very, very proud.