30 November 2008

Gee It's Hard To Find Timely Blog Designers...

Stephanie must be having too much post T-Day fun to put up my Christmas blog decor and God knows I will lose the whole blog if I try so stay tuned for Christmas decor including music as soon as I can get Steph with the program! lol

All is calm, all is bright here and whatever isn't I'm putting on hold for January 2009. I just want to enjoy Advent without drama. I have already watched White Christmas and will be working on my apartment holiday decor later today if I ever make it to work! Michael made it here for T-Day and just left and I'm in countdown mode until 17 Dec. when he graduates and doesn't have to be back to Ft. Sill until 5 January.

All who supplied me with snail mail addresses start looking for your Christmas cards next week.



Steph said...

NO FAIR!!! I e-mailed you to say that I no longer had your login information and to please send it to me. I will be happy to get it up once I have access. Maybe I need to go on stike!!!


Ness said...

Sorry Steph!!!!!!

I never got your email requesting login info.

I just sent it.

Sorry for any trouble I caused you.

Steph said...

No broblem. You know I was just kidding, right. I love doing this stuff for you.

It will be up tonight.

Love ya!

Ness said...


I love it and you, too!

kim-d said...

And I love you both, too! Ness, your Christmas blog is beautemous; Steph, you are soooo good!

Ness,I'm so darn happy to see your post; I missed you. Glad to hear Michael made it and you had a good T-Day, though. I am incredibly filled with the Christmas spirit now, too--no troubles, just ALL Christmas, ALL the time. :)

This post is much better than the smoke signals I requested :).

Laura ~Peach~ said...

beautiful job Steph ... I am so glad Michael did make it home and you guys got the time together for Thanksgiving!
Love and hugsssssssss

Michelle said...

You have set the bar too high. There is no way any of the rest of us can compete for best holiday blog look. Great job. I guess I could at least change my music!

Tonjia said...

beautiful blog!! Steph did great work!

Ness, take a rest, and enjoy the season. May your Christmas be full of joy and love.

Debbie said...

Beautiful, just beatiful! I had for the last 4 days a 13 yr old, a 8 yr old, a 5 yr old and a 21 mo old, and I am exhausted, but happy. I am glad that your son got to come. I sure missed mine :o(. We had a good thanksgiving although.

Hope all is well in your home, and that you are doing ok, along with Kiereney and Roger.


God Bless~

Mary Ellen said...

Wow! My sound was turned way up, and I got a rousing chorus of "We need a little Christmas" to wake up to!

That happens to be one of my favorite holiday songs, so thanks for that cheery start to my day. I really could use a little Christmas!