13 November 2008


Uh, yeah, the daily Prozac hasn't kicked in yet so we're flying upside down.

Catchup for the week:

KJ has an apt. with the Neuro on the 19th. Couldn't get it any sooner and believe me when I say that it must be the truth because I have the number on speed dial and call 3 times a day to check for cancellations. This is, of course, their fault because when I politely asked if they would call us if they had a cancellation, they abruptly told me that they were far too busy to call me and if I wanted to know, I should call them and I'm just OCD enough to do that, especially when KJ is in 24/7 pain and not sleeping.

Michael is having more fun at Ft. Sill than a soldier ought to(said with extreme sarcasm). He totally aced his PT test with 309/300(no typo, kids, he did more pushups and situps than he needed to) and gearing up for a 10 mile march complete with full gear. He is also qualifying with his M4 today on the rifle range.

The final quilt square is embroidered and I have the first of 12 rows sewed together. I couldn't be content with just seaming it together...I had to do zigzag top stitching in different colors of the quilt. I have one more quilt in me for Michael and that's it....maybe a grandbaby quilt to be passed among the kids...a Prada quilt for Hallie...

ER FANS!!!!!! Dr. Mark Greene will be on tonight for the first time since he left!!! I'm taping it for Michael. I was a loyal ER fan and got the kids hooked on it but after Doug and Carol and Mark left, I just lost interest...I check in now and then but it's just not the same. You can't go home to ER again except for tonight! All I need is for Doug and Carol to appear on there and I will be a happy camper!

Just want to leave you with the tip of the matter HOW OCD you are, when your husband bakes homemade cinnamon rolls and brings you one for breakfast complete with butter(ok-I Can't Believe It's Not Butter) on the side with a plastic serrated knife, it is better just to grit your teeth and touch the sticky roll with your fingers to eat it rather than slice it with the knife, butter the piece and stab the piece with your knife and put it in your mouth because, you know what? That serrated side of the knife, even though it's plastic, can make one mean slash in the corner of your mouth when you drag the knife out slowly to enjoy every morsel.

Just sayin...

BTW, I am collecting addresses from my blog friends to send out Christmas cards, so write me at and make sure I have your address. Outside of wrapping presents and Midnight Mass, it's one of the highlights of my Christmas season!


Alice said...

The whole cinnamon roll thing? Sounds like something I would do! Sorry, it made me giggle. But I am sorry you cut your mouth. How sweet is Roger?? MAking homemade cinnamon rolls!

Keeping KJ and Michael in our prayers. All is well on our front for now, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi I read sometimes; but don't sign. I am so sorry about KJ. May I suggest that you and KJ camp out @ the doctor's office and wait to be seen (and they will see how bad she looks and feels). Just sit there until he/she agrees to so you OR calls security. I am so NOT kidding on this one.

I just realized I think I see your email address somewhere. Perhaps I will write you there and formally introduce myself.

Good luck!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Nothing is worth trying to OFF yourself with a plastic knife...

Hallie :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yummmy cinnamon rolls... WAY TO GO ROGER! Take plastic knives away and give her a spoon!
Hugs and prayers and email to follow... Love ya Laura

Reddirt Woman said...

MMMmmmmm home-made cinnamon rolls... what a lucky woman you are!! The weather has been beautiful here in Oklahoma so that, I'm sure, is helpful for Michael to be having such a good time at Ft. Sill. We are supposed to get a front through tomorrow, but it shouldn't create too cold a day for him. I love that you have the doctor's office on speed dial. I have two brothers that are docs, one is retired and the other still works, and I worked for each of them at different times. If I would have ever been rude like that doc's office people were to you I would have been fired on the spot, irregardless of familial affiliations. I had to laugh about the speed dial for sure. Keeping you all and especially KJ in my prayers.

Debra W said...

The 19th??? I think you know what I would suggest you do with that plastic knife!

Big hugs,

Debbie said...

Home made cinnamon rolls is almost worth the plastic knife cut in the mouth...LOL.

Keeping you and the family in my prayers!!


God Bless~

kim-d said...

Hey, Nessa--I did not even realize you called me the other night until you mentioned it in your comment and I checked back on my phone...and THERE YOU WERE!!! Darn it, because I would have LOVED to have talked to you; I sort of even needed to talk to you. I went to bed very early every night this past week, and had set the volume on my phone ringer down at work and forgot to adjust it up when I left work. I miss your voice, so I'm quite sorry for myself that I missed the call.

I hope all is good with you, Roger, KJ and Michael, and I pretty much agree with Anonymous who said to show up at the doctor's office with KJ in tow. Although it will be the 19th soon, if you're the one with the unbearable pain, it may as well be the 19th of the year 2012.

And now I want a cinammon roll, and I couldn't care any less how it gets in my mouth. BWAHAHAHA!