13 December 2008

Cade and Carter Christmas 2008

Met up with Kathy today so I could see Cade and Carter and she had just had their Santa picture made so I used my camera phone to snap a pic of her pic and even though the quality is not there, the precious looks on their faces shine through. Carter was definitely in that "show me that smile" mode while Cade was in that "I said I didn't want to do this now and I meant it!" mode.
The smiling elf is in the picture only as a prop Cade up next to Santa as Cade had lost that lovin' Santa feeling and was ready to exit stage right...
They're now 3 1/2 and 2 1/2.
Where did the time go?
Haven't gotten as much done as I would have liked on my days off but I'm a slave to the lack of spoons. Still enjoying the holiday season, just in smaller doses than years past.
Have a great rest of the weekend. Glad KB got her power back and Hallie escaped losing hers. Hope everyone else stays warm and safe.


Tonjia said...

they are completely adorable!!! thanks for sharing the picture with us.

Debbie said...

They are cute as buttons.
Thanks for the moment on my blog about Taylor. She's my sweetie pie.
The knee hurts!! It's swollen and keeps going out on me. Getting old is no fun!! I too, am very depleted of spoons.

God Bless~

kim-d said...

Awww...would ya just look at them? I just love me some cute little boys, and I think pictures with Santa are just the best, even those "I don't want to be here" ones!

Reddirt Woman said...

I love the attitude of both of them. It's so typical. When I was a young'un Santa came to our home. I don't remember ever being scared, because I was in the safe environs of home.

Thanks for sharing.