12 December 2008

T Minus Seven

days and Michael will graduate from BOLC II(Basic Officer Leadership Course) and will be filling the apartment with Christmas joy as only Michael can do. He will be baking and sampling cookies, catching up with his beloved Macon dachshund and doing his Christmas shopping and this is the year Mom is going to teach him how to properly wrap presents. You not only have to be an Officer and a Gentleman, but also a master of the Christmas wrap.

It's been a wild and crazy week getting used to new meds and settling back into a family of 2 adults and 2 dachshunds down from the total of 4 adults and 5 dogs we have had the last 5 days with Kelli, KJ and their furkids here.

Last night Roger took me to a beautiful display of Christmas lights at Our Lady of the Snows and definitely upped his points on the Romantic Scale by surprising me with the first of a collection of Willow Tree Angels I wanted to start.

Bright Star

Off work today and tomorrow so hoping to get a jump on Christmas baking and popping it in the freezer so it won't be hectic as it gets closer to Christmas. I will give out the Chocolate Cherry Nut Bread recipe but I have to re-create it first! For years I used the Pillsbury Nut Quick Bread Mix and they quit making it so I will have to get into the thousands of Roger's cookbooks and come up with a tweaked version of the recipe.

Thanks to all who have sent us Christmas cards. They make our day!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That song is called SEPTEMBER. Thought you needed to know. Work did NOT cancel so I am here unhappily!!


Tonjia said...

I think it sounds like things are settling down a bit for you Ness. YAY for that!

Enjoy the visit with Michael, I am looking forwarding to hearing updates.

Mary Ellen said...

What a sweet, romantic gift! And you totally deserve it!

I am so glad you are enjoying this time of year.

Reddirt Woman said...

Those angels are a beautiful series, and so many different ones so there are lots of choices for special gifts.

Regarding ice skating... I think ice skating is to roller skating that snow skiing is to water skiing. The actions for each is so different from the other. I, too, could roller skate. I cannot ice skate. I can (or used to be able to) water ski, but snow skiing... I understand how people break their legs.

Glad that things seem to be settling down a bit. If the neurosurgeon has an attitude like he appears to have, then it is definitely time to see someone else.

Helen G.

Dawn Reynolds said...

How exciting that your son gets to come home for Christmas. I've read your blog and enjoy it, but this is the first time I've left a comment. Will your girls not be there for Christmas? How awful if they aren't. I hope they get to spend time with you, their stepfather, and their brother.

Happy Holidays!

Ness said...

Hi Dawn! As far as I know, the girls will be here. They live about 90 minutes southeast of us. I am very blessed my son will be able to be here as there are many soldiers who won't be with their families over the holiday. My best friend and her husband will also be here on Christmas Day. Thanks for stopping by. I tried to visit your blog but it was not accessible. Enjoy your holidays as well!

Dawn Reynolds said...

I've been to scared to blog on my own. It's like, it's fine to read other people's but it's different to actually have your own. LOL.

Here's the link to my blog:

Those kids sure are cute! Happy Holidays to you and your family.