05 January 2009

Catching Up

Lighting a candle in memory of my stepchildren's mother who left this earth six years ago. May she rest in peace.

For my 3 sets of Irish eyes Kelli, Michael and Kiereney
I was the lucky one when God sent you to me.


Haven't had that first cup yet as I got up with Katie about 6 and cuddled her until Grandpa took over at 9 and then headed in here to work but had to blog first. I'm nothing if I don't have my ducks in rows and start with first things first. I learned that from Stephen Covey...

Kiereney is back in Southern Illinois now. I know she would to have loved to stay up here with the rest of us but I just can't deal with too much hullabaloo and 5 dogs and 4 humans in one apartment grates on me at times. It's not them...they are all very well behaved except when they are not :-) I have just gotten use to a quiet lifestyle and in order to maintain what little sanity I have left, I have to keep it simple.

Kelli has an interview with a temp agency today at 2---prayers would be much appreciated.

The 2Lt. is now sharing an apt. with 3 other 2 Lt. in Lawton, OK. I haven't been on his Facebook page today but I understand he has posted pics of the apartment. I believe he describes it as "spartan" but only being there 4 months and being a guy, I didn't expect a Martha Stewart look. He graduates 29 April and will be headed back to Richmond to live, work at an AGR(military position) and start on his Masters in International Studies? Mom just went blank on the major.

I just want them to get settled in life and be happy.

If you see any spoons out where you live, please take them to your nearest Fed Ex and have them shipped to me. I am in dire need of spoons. The holidays just flat cleaned me out of spoons. And if you're new here and think I need to be locked up, refer to my side bar on The Spoon Theory.

Have a grand and glorious Monday because I know of a certain Dr. who is in St. Louis after receiving a double lung transplant and just sitting up is a job for him and he's kind of depressed so I said we would all have a grand and glorious Monday and dedicate it to him.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love n hugs and prayers too!
dad is in st louis today having a cardiac cath... I hope jeannie calles me tonight with some good news.

Michelle said...

Ness, Sending you virtual spoons from Florida. If you noticed my post this morning was about how you can honor a soldier. If you would please email me Michael full name, rank, mailing address I would love to submit him for recognition. Also, send me you and spouses info and I will make sure you get recognized as well.

Maribeth said...

Love your new look!
I know what you mean, I love my quiet too. No drama, you know?
Unfortunately life sometimes interrupts that, doesn't it?

jojo said...

grand and glorious Monday to all...;)

Tonjia said...

Ness, If I had extra spoons I would send them to you asap. As it is, I cant keep track of my own! LOLOL

I hope 2009 treats you well, and that you have a great year!

kimmy said...

Spoons? Funny you should mention that. I got two covered in chocolate for Christmas. You are suupposed to dip them in hot chocolate or something.

If I see the spoon fairy, I'll send her your way Ness!


Alice said...

I actually have a real, live spoon to send to you. I saw it Hawaii and thought of you. But between the holidays and moving - I haven't had a chance to mail it. Once it is unpacked - I'll send it your way....a little spoon to help you out when you need it. :)

Hope you're well today. :)