10 January 2009

Lord, Hear Our Prayers

Kiereney receved two phone calls on Friday which brought us both joy and sadness. I bring these to your attention and ask that you support us in your thoughts and prayers if you would.
St. Louis University called Kiereney and after receiving the first 27 faxed pages of her medical records, their neurosurgeon wants to see her for a second opinion in February if we can get their patient rep department to approve her to be a private pay patient and hopefully put us on a payment schedule. I will speak to the patient rep department on Monday and ask that God will make a way for Kiereney to be seen.
Kiereney's dad called last night and said her grandfather had been put into the hospital because he is in kidney failure. Although the kids adore their Grandpa very much, they know that he is 89 and they can't be selfish with their prayers. We are just asking for God's will to be done and to be given the peace that passes all understanding in this situation.
Kiereney has come to know and love my blog friends and asked for your prayers on both situations. Thank you and God bless.


Michelle said...

You know you have my positive thoughts that K gets this opportunity. If there is anything I can do, let me know...Please.

Debbie said...

I pray that Kiereney gets this chance for the 2nd opinion. I pray for you and the family, without you even asking us to. You are in my daily prayers Ness.

I also pray for peace for the kids grandfather. It's hard to let someone go sometimes.

Ness, thanks for the kind words on my blog also. I too would love a believe stone. If you ever see any, pick me one up, and if I see any, I will pick you one up.

I love you and your family.

God Bless~

Maribeth said...

All my prayers are with you. God Bless!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

prayers from Georgia heading right up there ! Love you guys!
Hugs LAura

Steph said...


Sorry that it has been so long since I have commented, but know that I have been keeping KJ in my prayers. I hope that she is quickly approved to see the 2nd doctor. Also keeping Kelli in prayer that she will be able to find a job soon. Tell her to check out and to set up a e-mail account (gmail has a good free program) just for job searching. Just before I moved I found a job from that site by posting my resume there.