23 February 2009

God and Karma Don't Fail Me Now!

Kelli is working for Midcoast Aviation!

It is a temp to permanent position with a guaranteed 12 months at $11 an hour doing all the data entry of time sheets for flights that go in and out of their airport. Usually the beautiful people rent planes to fly in to St. Louis and then have their limo take them across the river into St. Louis.

I took her to work today. Yesterday we went to see where it was and that's a story for another post complete with meeting up with the security guard when I really wasn't trying to drive my red tricked-out truck on a runway...

Anyway, she called while ago. She has her own cubicle. The people are young who work there except for her supervisor who is her mom's age...(trying not to smack her when I pick her up...she insinuated the lady was old and her mom's age...I am not OLD!) The people are nice. She had to walk through 2 airplane hangars to get to HR to get her picture ID badge made.


And has the opportunity to make some friends to go out with.

I am deliriously happy for her!

And my blog friends through their unending prayers and support made this day possible.

Thank you for keeping my daughter in your thoughts and prayers.

I want to just burst into song singing "At Last" but afraid to rejoice too much lest the job go *poof*.

The company is supposed to be a good one so if any of you have friends or neighbors or relations that works for this company and you know anything good or bad, please send it on to me at my email


Alice said...


oh, ness, y'all deserved some good news today.

jojo said...

YAY...this is just the best monday morning news. I hope (fingers/crossed) this is the best thing for Kelli...and mom ;)

jojo said...

p.s. old...what???


Great news! I love hearing about people finding jobs. It gives us hope.

I'm not sure about my trach validations... I think I killed my patient.

Debra W said...

Oh Ness, I am so happy for Kelli! I am sure that her enthusiasm will shine and she will make friends quickly!


Debbie Jean said...

Great news Ness!!!! 11 an hour isn't bad! That's more than David makes!!! I am so happy for you and Kelli!!! You needed good news.

God Bless~

kim-d said...

YAY, KELLI! Now she just needs to know that OLD people do not wear tie-dyed t-shirts. Therefore, her Mom and (some of) her Mom's (crazier) blog friends are NOT OLD. ha!

What.Ever. As long as she has a job!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO I am so happy and thankful that prayers are being answered :) well they are always answered but you know what i mean!
Love n hugs Laura

Overflowing Brain said...

I just had a thought about the programmable shunt: try looking through this webpage: I know she's done a bajillion shunts and her mom is great (there's an email address at the bottom of the page).

Good luck and congrats to Kelli on the job!