05 March 2009

Thursday Wrap

First of all, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Saturday was just a day that shouldn't have happened at ex father in law is in the same nursing home as my dad was and I hadn't been there in 7 years since my dad died. I agreed to go with my daughters and once I hit the door, the memories came back and it was enough to cause screaming nightmares Saturday night.
Kiereney handed me a letter from the 2nd opinion neurosurgeon on Saturday that we saw and in a nutshell, he's not holding out a lot of hope for the programmable shunt surgery but hoping it will be a stepping stone to reinflate her ventricles so a shunt can be put into her head. Facing one more surgery was mind boggling enough...facing one that is not expected to work so a third might possibly work came totally out of the blue.
Katie does not travel well. She vocalizes in a key not even on the scale. And vocalizes. Add that to crosswinds like you wouldn't believe on the interstate on the way home and it was a Saturday night to try to forget.
I spent the afternoon with Kathy and she is not doing well at all. I walked in and saw the boys toys laying out right where they left them and it was all I could do not to cry. I don't know what the resolution will be but Carter's birthday is in a week and I'm hoping they allow Kathy to see the boys. It sounds like the other grandparents have them all of the time as Abbey works 2-10 and Mike, their father, keeps the chair cushion in his living room warm and does nothing.
So Saturday just was one thing after another and I just wanted to close the door behind it.
We are adjusting to a new lifestyle and this dog doesn't learn new tricks well. But love is a funny thing and no matter what is happening, if you have love in your live, it just makes everything tolerable. And I have a lot of love in mine.
Kelli is going to see Kiereney on Friday and I think Roger and I are going to spend the weekend in our recliners with our laptops(that was another thing..Roger's laptop went belly side up and through the grace of God and a wonderful online forum with a guy who just wouldn't quit until we had it going, we were able to get his computer going again for free) and catch up with everything. Being behind on my blogs and friends makes me crazier than ever. I feel like I've been such a bad blog friend to all of you in not staying up to date on your lives and I plan to catch up this weekend.
I have a Dr. apt this afternoon and those are never good. Roger can't go as he is Katie sitting and I don't do well standing up for myself on my needs.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for being such great friends. Love you-mean it!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I hope you're kidding about adding to my suckiness. Your call was a bright spot in an otherwise shitty day. I meant it when I said that we lean on each other because IT HELPS.

And I got to hear Katie which was interesting to say the least!!

Hang in there. We will all help you through this which means you are NEVER ALONE.

Even if you want to be, we aren't going away!!

Hallie :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

we love you and many prayers! and listen to hallie she is right ya know :)

jojo said...

You really are never alone Ness...we'll hunt you down and force you to comment on our blogs one way or another! Hope you feel better...Roger too.

I hope things get better for Kierney and she finds a wau to deal with a possible third surgery...she is in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care...have a good weekend. j)

Debbie Jean said...

We all love ya Ness and are here for you. You are never alone. We are here and God is always with you. Let us know how your doc appt goes!!


God Bless~

Tonjia said...

((((((((((((((Ness)))))))))) we are always here for you. Gain some strength from us, you are in our prayers.

kim-d said...

I'm late to this party... but only because I may have broken my butt. BWAHAHAHA!

What everybody else has said so eloquently? Line me up with them. That's the beauty of this little community of ours; you need not ever feel alone and that nobody cares!


kimmy said...

Ness, we are all here for you...always!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

When it rains it pours. Corny but true. I hope the rain stops soon!

Alice said...

I second, Halllie. You are not alone, Ness. We love you and are here for you through thick-n-thin.

Hope doctor's appointment went well. Hope you are feeling OK. And I hope you and Roger have a FABULOUS weekend.


Michelle said...

I feel really guilty now. Here you have so much going on and still you find time to write. We are all here for you and keeping you in my thoughts.

You need to write down everything and take a list to the doctors office so you don't forget anything.