03 May 2009

I Will Have To Look Up To See Bottom

Macon on our bed after Grandma sang her songs.

Letting us know it was 5:00 and it was time to start cooking supper!

I will miss this most of all...she would curl up on my shoulder and sleep like a baby for hours on end in my recliner.

Macon's funeral was Saturday afternoon. Kathy's husband had dug her grave the day before and it poured early Saturday morning so we bailed it out before her service. We all held her and kissed her goodbye and Michael put her in her grave. He gave a nice eulogy and we tossed two vanilla wafers each into her grave. Of course, before the funeral Grandma had to sing her three songs to her. Michael partially filled in her grave and it was left to settle and dry out more before the final sod was placed. Cade and Carter stood at the back door. I would not let them come out. They knew Macon from being at our house and I thought at 3 and 4 they were a little young to understand and deal with death...I wasn't dealing with it well at all. We brought the rest of the vanilla wafers home to Shania and she will be feasting on them in her best friend's honor. She is one little lost dachshund, not understanding why Macon is not here. She's even lost her attitude and that was her trade mark bossing us around. We know when the time is right, Macon will let us know who we should choose for Shania's friend. I do know that it will be a rescue dachsie or min pin. The min pin's coloring reminds me of Macon. Thank you for all your kind words about Macon. I really appreciate it.
The Lieutenant rolled in Illinois on Friday night despite Oklahoma's goodbye to him in the form of a hail storm which caused a big wreck and a tow truck responding to the scene went too fast and T-boned one of the cars in the wreck. The tow truck was in the lane next to Michael and he had to do some fancing maneuvering to not become a part of the accident. He and the girls came to Macon's funeral yesterday and then we went to Cracker Barrel to eat and they surprised me with one of Cracker Barrel's famous maple rocking chairs for my birthday/Mother's Day. I.was.shocked. Roger, Michael and I came home today with the girls and granddogs in Southern Illinois. The girls and their father will pick up Michael Tuesday night for a ball game at the new Cardinals stadium that their dad has never seen, so his ticket is his birthday/Father's Day present. I hope they have fun.
Michael reports for drill in Aurora, IL on 15 May and when he comes back 3 days later he should be able to tell me more about the possible deployment. At this point, the greatest fear is fear itself. I know Michael is trained and able to take care of himself and his fellow soldiers and if he loses the battle it won't be for a lack of trying or training. I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished and he knows he has my love, unconditional support and prayers. He has always belonged to God, just on loan to me. He will turn 24 on Wednesday and he will be getting his birthday dinner tomorrow night as he will return to So. Illinois with his sisters for a few days to attend his SIU friends' commissioning on Saturday.
Roger came up with a mysterious illness on Saturday that shook me to the core thinking his heart was acting up. I guess it was a combo platter of side effects of his Colchicine since his gout is acting up but he could not eat all of Saturday and looked really sick to me. I guess he is fine now since we're getting ready to go out and eat BBQ ribs with Michael. He gets another INR drawn this week and if all is well, they will schedule his cardioversion to try and convert him back to normal sinus rhythm from atrial flutter.
I am SO far behind on reading blogs! Seems like I have been behind since March when Roger was in the hospital and then Kiereney's surgery, Michael's graduation and Macon's death. And then there's Kiereney's quilt I still have to finish! There are not enough spoons in the day for me to get accomplished all that I should!
I hope your weekend has been restful and peaceful and all is well.
Love you~mean it.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

sounds like things are coming together in many ways... glad the funeral went well even with the rain. Cool on the rocker :) we have all sorts of wild life but poor ole snakey snake best watchout cats like to eat them... I like snakes cause they eat mices...he wa sway out far from the house down by the shed and woods so he was ok and now he is gone... they dont like people much ya know LOL

Laura ~Peach~ said...

still no bradley ...
love ya and miss ya :)

Debbie Jean said...

Wonderful post Ness. Glad to hear things that are going on. Macon was one loved dog. How is Katie and where is she? Did I miss out on something? I too have been preoccuppied with life to get all things read.

Min Pins are nice. My sister that passed had one named Nina.

I am Glad Roger is doing OK. Keep us informed. I know that you are happy to have seen Michael. I miss my son so much. It was nice to see him in April but I miss him a lot. he's a grown man with a wife and baby now, but he is still my baby boy and always will be.

I love you too Ness, and I mean it!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean