30 May 2009

It Is Finished

A Celtic symbol
And another one and a few more, all hand embroidered on blocks

about 60 blocks with embroidered word

and about 50 butterflies headed in different directions

And a total of 120 blocks cut from these 5 materials

And about 17 months of work starting 1/1/08
Yielded a finished quilt that Kiereney Jo will receive today.
I couldn't take pic of the finished product because it is not my quilt to take pictures of. I designed it and she chose the material. I will share any pictures of her quilt that she shares with me.
I origially got the idea to make my kids quilt on 19 July 2005 when I got my cancer diagnosis. I wanted them to have something to remember me by. Kelli got hers for Christmas 2007 and Kiereney should have had hers long before now but with her illness and mine, it took longer. I have one more quilt to do and that is Michael's but that won't happen until January 2010, God willing.
My grandma made me quilts when I was little and my mom was in the process of making one for me when she died. I wanted to leave my kids a tangible legacy.
In addition to that, I received the greatest gift of all, a lot of life lessons I learned along the way of making the quilt.
I learned that it's all about the journey and not the destination.
I learned that I am strong and that I can endure if I keep my eyes on the prize.
I accepted the fact that I am talented and can sew and finally gave myself credit for that.
And that's enough lessons to last for my lifetime.


msdewberry said...

Beautiful quilt that I am sure your daughter will treasure forever.
My aunt also quilted right up until she was no longer able to. She suffered from Alzhiemer's and you could see in her quilts the progression of her disease. She put a lot of love in and we all treasure each quilt, imperfections and all.

Debbie Jean said...

How special Ness. I am sure your kids will cherish and treasure them. I wish I was so talented. I hope that your daughters will share pics, so we can see.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Alice said...

What a wonderful, wonderful gift. I hope KJ will share some photos of the finished product! :)

Debra W said...

Nessie, that is wonderful! I am so proud of you for finishing KJ's quilt! I know how hard you have worked to complete it. Your daughter will be so lucky to have something that you did with your own hands and heart, to wrap herself in when she needs a hug! I know she will cherish is forever. Quilting in an art, my friend, so YOU are an artist.

Be well.

Hugs and love,

jojo said...

Fantastic Ness. I have watched my MIL make quilte for each of her grandchildrens weddings and I am well aware of the love and patience that goes into each one. It is a beautiful legacy that you are leaving them and I hope KJ will show it off to us all. You are amazing and I am so glad for your friendship. Take care, sweet

DysFUNctional Mom said...

What a treasure. I have a quilt that was made by my mother's elderly aunts, one of the last they ever made, and I treasure it so much.