25 May 2009

Memorial Day 2009

My heart is full of gratitude today for those who have, do and will serve our country. These are America's Finest who put their lives aside to take up their arms and protect our country.
Today in St. Louis the burial of one of America's Finest took place this afternoon. My heart swelled with pride and sadness as I watched the ceremony televised at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary south of St. Louis. The camera panned the grounds and there was an American flag at every grave. God bless the local Boy Scouts and their leaders who spent the weekend making sure our soldiers had a flag at their graveside.
I watched my own son on Friday go to the grave of his great Uncle who died in World War II, who, along with Michael's grandfather, were Michael's inspiration to join the Army. I watched my 24 year old son salute his great Uncle at his gravesite and know that somehow, somewhere his great Uncle knew he saluted him and appreciated the time his great nephew spent with him.
I know my three children were at the 9 a.m. ceremony in Herrin along with their father honoring our soldiers. I know, with great sadness, that this is the first year that their grandfather has not been with them. He was the example when I married into the family that on Memorial Day we went to the Doughboy, the statue in the park honoring our Veterans and listened to one of our local Veterans give a speech about our soldiers who had and were serving our country. My children grew up observing the Memorial Day tradition and it makes a mom proud that they still carry on the tradition that their grandfather started and I know as long as they are able to, they will always gather there on Memorial Day.
God bless our soldiers and their families who also serve our country. May peace be found and all of you back safely on American soil. Thank you for protecting us and the sacrifice you make.
Thank you to my husband and my son for their service to our country.

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Debra W said...

Ness, I thought about Michael and his brave and dedicated service to our country, yesterday. Please tell him I said thank you very much, the next time you speak to him. I know how proud you are of your boy, as you should be.