17 May 2009

Do You Have A Guardian Angel?

This is a picture of my Guardian Angel. She has been at my side as I stumbled through the last few weeks. She has kept me going one step at a time and whispered in my ear continuously that "All will be well."
After you hear it enough, you start to believe it.
Or you have to believe it because it's the only lifeline you have.
Not going to make the mistake I did last week about this week being a good week because it wasn't in any shape, form or fashion.
So I'm going back to the Moment Plan...take each moment, live it and move on. Don't anticipate, don't look back, just stay in the present and, most of all, Believe. Don't lose sight of your dreams no matter how impossible they seem because you will live that dream some day.
I will close with the lyrics to the song Someday sung by Celtic Women. They sing like angels and if you haven't heard them, just listen to the YouTube at the end of this post. You owe it to yourself. Have a beautiful moment!
Someday, when we are wiser,
When the worlds older,When we have learned....
I pray someday we may yet,
Live to live and let live.
Someday, life will be fairer,
Need will be rarer,
And greed will not pay.
Godspeed this bright millenia,
On its way, let it come someday.
Someday, our fight will be won and,
We'll stand in the sun in,That bright afternoon....
'Til then, on days when the sun,
Is gone, we'll hang on,If we wish upon the moon.
There are some days, dark and bitter,
Seems we haven't got a prayer,
But a prayer for something better,
Is the one thing we all share.
Someday, when we are wiser,
When the whole world is older,
When we have love,
And I pray, someday we may yet,
Live to live and oneday, someday...
Someday, life will be fairer,
Need will be rarer,
And greed will not pay.
Godspeed, this bright millenia,
Let it come,
If we wish upon the moon...
One day,


Tonjia said...

I do believe in angels, and I do have an angel that looks over me. She is a friend of mine who passed away much too young.

Vicki and I went to nursing school together, and she, Robin and I were nearly attached at the waist. She knew everything about me, and I her. We had no secrets.

She died from liver cancer one year after we graduated from nursing school and I still miss her terribly. She watches over, me and I have felt her presence more times than I can count.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes angels are real... love you and huge hugsssssssssss

Alice said...

I do have a guardian angel. Her name is Kelly. And I asked her to watch over you and yours a little more closely this week. She's never let me down before - and I know she won't this time, either.

HAng in there. Love you.

Debra W said...

Angels are real. There is no doubt about it. In Judaism, it is said that each new baby is born with 10,000 guardian angels looking after him/her. They are all around you, Ness.

I am sorry that things have been so hard for you lately. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, dear one.


AirmanMom said...

ness...this is such a beautiful post. My dad passed away four years ago, and I know he walks with me each day of my life!
I thank you!