11 May 2009

Status of the Campbell Campers

All kids and granddogs safe and at the apartment.

Mother's Day was recliner held me hostage and I got to play catchup on TV shows that had been recorded, leisurely drift through the Sunday paper and had a delicious dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, oven fried potatoes, corn and the kids bought a Cinnabon Apple Pie for dessert.

Kiereney is not handling all the destruction she saw in her 2 mile walk to her dad's on Friday and she is having problems sleeping and having flashbacks of when the utility pole came down in front of their car on Saturday missing it by mere inches when they went to check on the granddogs. Keep her in your prayers please.

Roger was tossed out of the hospital on Friday with his Lasix increased fro 40 to 60 and if the SOB(that's shortness of breath but I consider it the same monster as the normal SOB indicates :-) shows up we can give him another 20 mg. They nixed my request for having a portable oxygen unit at home because unless he met certain parameters the insurance wouldn't pay for it. Wouldn't you just like the ability to make the policy setters at the insurance company go through what we all do in our illness states and see how THEY like their care/prescriptions/oxygen not covered? It's pretty scary when you can't get a breath and the oxygen would go a long way towards helping until we can get him to the hospital.

I cell phone chased down a generator for Kathy on Saturday and they can now at least make coffee and run their refrigerator and charge the cell phone. The electric company is saying all will be restored by Tuesday evening...I'm not making any bets on is bad down there. I have heard it called an inland hurricane and I forgot the word that was used yesterday but it was definitely marching to the beat of a different storm...

In the last week Michael turned 24, Bradley Joel Hall made his appearance, Roger ambulanced to the hospital, John had hand surgery(and went back to work too damned quick IMHO) and two of my kids and best friend were in a hurricane/tornado/straight line winds and nearly clobbered by trees.

Thank God for Bradley and Michael...otherwise, I would have written last week off.

This week has to be better...yeah.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

we saw alot of pictures though there it was insane!!!!!! I am glad you have michael and Bradley to make the week worth while :) hugs and prayers and so glad everyones safe
Love you guys!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It was a tough week ald wasnt it?? Here's to a better one. PLEASE??? :)

And I agree about John!


Debbie Jean said...

Last week wasn't fun for sure. David has his endoscopy and colonoscopy at The VA and could hardly walk for 4 days. I had to drive him home and I haven't driven in 5-6 yrs and shouldn't be. I was wringing wet when we got home. LOL. I couldn't see. This week has to be better. I am glad all is better at your house. I remember last Sept. when we had our Hurricane in Ohio, and was without electricity for over 2 weeks. No fun, and I didn't have a generator.

I am glad all is calmer now for you and pray it stays that way for a LONG time!!!!


God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Alice said...

Good lord! I can't catch my breath just reading all that. Hope Roger is on the mend, too. Keeping KJ in my prayers. And, of course, mama Ness, too.

Take care of yourself...and we are defintely planning on a better week!