15 June 2009

The Mouse Got Me!

For those not familiar with Chuck E. Cheese's, it's a franchise that was designed with kids in mind. You eat pizza there, there are A LOT of game machines you can play for tokens you purchase and depending on how well you do at the machines determines how many tickets you win. At the end of your stay, you trade your tickets in for some coveted toy you think you need.
We celebrated Cade's 3rd birthday there yesterday because HE wanted to go. And 3 year olds aren't too skilled at winning game machines so their Aunt Nessa pitched in and helped spend 140 tokens(1 token to play each game machine so YOU do the math how many I played while Uncle Roger was taking pictures and Cade was running around like a blithering steroid-hyped-up(God BLESS the pediatrician who put him on steroids for his allergies!) to play games involving throwing basketballs, skeet balls, etc. to get Cade enough tickets to get the coveted Chuck E. Cheese ball he wanted.
You see where I'm going with this...right?
Aunt Nessa can't MOVE today. The Fibro Monster said it wasn't in the contract to play with balls for nearly 3 hours to get tickets. I got MY ticket this morning when I an all day session with the recliner and meds.
But, hey, who can put a price on that little boy's sweet smile when he carried his Chuck E. Cheese ball to the car...
That's my story and I'm sticking to it...
And I got even with Mr. Cheese, by the way...
One of his relatives had the audacity to climb into my 3rd story apartment kitchen and terrorize me for nearly a week.
Well, Mr. Cheese is short one relative as of this morning. I don't usually get into seeing dead mice but the way I felt this morning as a result of some opportunistic mouse who hoards money from kids by enticing them with toys that I could have probably bought 20 of through the Oriental Trade catalog, I wanted to point and laugh at the very dead mouse in the trap who met his fate in my humble abode...
Back to the recliner and meds.
Tuesday will be better.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

we did the mouse house when my kids were little... my nephew spent several hundred dollars there on tokens for every kid in the place and then gathered tickets to get princess mj what she wanted.... toy r us is across the street would have been cheaper to take her there LOL... but they all loved it... i had a headache from the noise...back in the day they had a sttage show with huge dancing (people) in mouse suits ect. and it was LOUD ... hope you have a wonderful tuesday!

jojo said...

Not a big chucke. fan here either but I agree with's all about the smiles.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Love is for sharing and we are so blessed to have two weddings within a year at our house. I thought my kids signed some kind of contract too, they are both in their 30's so I had doubts this would ever happen. Grandkids??? who knows but now I feel I have a chance..;p