11 June 2009

Thursday Wrap

Well, it IS a wrap...I got tired of wrapped presents....

Anyway, this is the end of my work week after I get done this evening and this weekend promises to be busy.

Kathy, Bobby and the NOW 3 YEAR OLD Cade are coming up Saturday because Cade wants to go to Chuckie Cheese and play/eat pizza. So that is our Sunday morning activity to go before the big kids get there at noon and mow him down. His new brother(who he is still in denial about) is due June 16 and at last count his name had been changed from Caine to Chase. All the boys have the same initials and same middle name of boring!

Roger is down for the count with a gout attack of the knee but thinks he's gaining ground and turning the corner. If all goes well with his heart rhythm, he will start weaning off the Coumadin when we get back from Buffalo in August.

Tomorrow I clean the apt. for company and hope to get some sewing in. I got one of my new dresses cut out and it shouldn't take long to sew. I'm wearing it 4th of July where ever I end up...don't know what we're doing for the 4th yet but fireworks watching WILL be involved!

Off to watch Ina on Food TV before I go to work.

Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy-enjoy-enjoy and in the words of country singer Tim McGraw, "live like you were dying."

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AirmanMom said...

Fantastic Tim McGraw quote!!!!
Wishing you a good weekend!