27 July 2009

Back to Buffalo

I am having a phenomenal time watching Roger reconnect with his kids and grandkids. Two of the kids/grandkids he hasn't seen since last year and the oldest and her family he hasn't seen for 2 years. The eldest grandchild is now 19 and the youngest is 3. What a difference a year makes. Daniel wouldn't have anything to do with Grandpa last year, wasn't talking, really shy and this year he was in Grandpa's lap drawing pictures with Grandpa's pen and playing PlayDough with him. I love the Buffalo weather---big, white puffy clouds and cool breezes. We drove through some terrific storms in Ohio on Saturday afternoon getting to Buffalo...I was ready to call it a day but Roger drove through it and we made it just fine. Connor and Kyle have grown so much in a year. Connor's voice sounds like bass now and they are both with the preteen attitudes at 10 and 12 but very loving. On Sunday Roger's 18 year old grandson Christopher was baptized and we were present for that and went to their house afterwards for pizza and wings. Before that, Roger taught the boys how to make from scratch the family's sweet roll/cinnamon rolls that was passed down to Roger from his grandmother. Today we're going back to son Chris's and hang around the pool and tomorrow going to Lake Canandagua where Chris has a speed boat and pulls the kids around on the lake in tubes. I will be hiding under my 75+ SPF and hoping not to turn into a lobster. It will be fun to watch the kids on the beach. We still have those who get into building sandcastles and who knows---I may join them!

Kiereney is in a lot of pain and going through a lot of turmoil so Michael is picking her up today and they'll spend the week at our apartment caring for the furkids. Michael will take her back home Friday as he has Drill in northern Illinois that weekend and we'll probably pick Kiereney back up on our way home from seeing Hallie and Kimmy on Sunday/Monday depending on if we drive it all in one day or not.

I will have a lot of pics when I get home. Roger is going crazy taking candid pics. Hope to get some family groups as well because getting this tribe to a photographer to have a formal picture made just isn't in the cards.

Take care and enjoy each hour of each day.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

praying that Kiereney gets some relief from pain soon!

jojo said...

I hope there are pics of the sandcastles...I just love them! I'm so glad you and Roger are having a great time. Travel safe...sending love and prayers for KJ..;p

Alice said...

Glad you guys are having fun!! Sorry Kierney is hurting again. Thinking of all of you and praying for pain to lift for KJ and safe travels for you!!

love you!!xooxxo