08 September 2009

I Am On Top of the World

Yes, it was a lame attempt at being on top of the world but at least my mind is working.
Labor Day weekend was great!
We hit a flea market and I found a beautiful American flag/eagle touch lamp for the top of my entertainment center.
I got to see friends from a church youth group that I attended in the early 70's that I haven't seen in over 30 years. Now, why did they look the same and I looked old enough to be their mother?
Roger is doing better with his breathing but now I'm having unexplained muscle twitching that is mimicking multiple sclerosis so off to the rheumatologist to get that checked out.
Michael is fervently looking for a job in Virginia.
Kiereney is off her walker and found a part time job(4 hours a day) babsitting school aged kids. This will be so good for her to feel like she is contributing to society again.
Kelli is taking 2 classes this Fall and 2 in the Spring and with any luck, she'll be accepted into a nursing program that enables her to get her RN in a year.
Shania continues to tolerate Colin and Colin rocks my world.
And in 2 more days I'll be a member of the CPAP society...NOT looking forward to this but I have a whole list of people who have told me that I will fall in love with it and its effects. Know it and know it deep that if I do not fall in love with it, I will be calling each of you! :-)
Off to get my Colin fix!
Have a day full of miracles for they are everywhere you look...make sure to look for them.


Steph said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you. You deserve it!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you can call me love it or hate it...but do give your self time... i just had to change types of mask as the one i have had for years is no longer has taken me several days to adjust but i am adjusting just remember that when you wake up in the night from throwing it across the room that i did that for about 4 weeks ( do laugh and remember it gets better) off and on before i finally adjusted to it... i have had mine since summer 03... Love you Ness and glad things are looking up!

jojo said...

it takes some adjusting to, or in my case a lot of adjusting...I'm not there yet but I'll let you know. Glad to see you blogging and to see the kids doing well is icing on the cake!