09 September 2009

Marielle and Erin have hit the bigtime!!!

This is the email we just received from Roger's daugher Kate who lives outside of Chicago:

You all HAVE TO watch or tape the Oprah Show on Thursday. Erin and Marielle were downtown yesterday for the taping of this show. Oprah closed down the Magnificent Mile for a special KickOff Party for her 24th season. There is a "surprise" (even Oprah didn't know it was happening) at the beginning of The Black Eyed Peas song - "I Got a Feelin" and the girls got to participate in it.

Have you all ever heard of a Flash Mob Dance? If not, go check this out first.

It's a T-Mobile advertisement from last winter, with an example of what a Flash Mob dance is.... well, the producer's of this commercial came to Chicago to help with Oprah's surprise.

Erin had a special opportunity to go down the day before and be one the teacher/group leaders (teaching small groups of 10-15 people) the dance. She is in group 14, (out of 20 ----you can't tell groups) but doesn't start in until about halfway through the dance. After spending the day down in the Windy City Fieldhouse on Labor Day, they were given special wristbands (and a couple extras to give out to others) She gave hers to Marielle and another friend and it allowed them entrance to get into the front, reserved area.

They pulled off the dance and at the end sent a big "wave" down the Mag Mile into the general audience who picked up on the cue....They both said it was the coolest thing ever and were so excited to have had the opportunity to be a part of the excitement.

I'm guess the Mag Mile is a mile stretch down one of the main streets of Chicago. I am not an Oprah watcher(although I was at her restaurant years ago on a work trip) but I will be taping it tomorrow to get a glimpse of Marielle and Erin. Both girls have been doing dance for the last several years with the local park district and ended up being teachers for the last few years. Erin wants to major in dance in college and is a senior this year so I can't imagine her excitement in being involved in this extravaganza. Erin is tall with dark shoulder length hair and Marielle is blonde with chin length hair and a freshman in college.

Anyway, it has made these grandparents's day and it's all about the little things that make each day the miracle it is.

Go Marielle and Erin!!!