29 November 2009

Let Advent Begin!!!

I so love this time of year!
My Advent wreath is on our table ready to be lit at 7.
Mass was so beautiful today.
Thanksgiving was nice and it was good to have all 3 kids together. The girls left this afternoon and Michael has been locating Christmas decoration boxes and carrying them downstairs for me. The house is about 60% decorated. I will include pictures sometime this week.
We put artificial white lighted Christmas trees on either side of our front door and I made an evergreen wreath with silver bells, drums and pinecones with a sparkly glittery silver bow on the front door. I just love it!
As far as Christmas shopping, we're almost done. Don't have a lot to buy for. I keep my kids at 3 presents each to represent the gifts that the Christ Child received at Christmas. Plus they get stockings filled with stuff, mostly candy. Funniest thing...everybody gets a filled Christmas stocking including dogs and cat but Mom never gets rude!(Said in my best Stephanie Tanner of Full House voice)
I 86'd the crutches and wearing the air cast and taking it easy. I go back to work on Tuesday and to the Dr. on Thursday. I caught some disease from the ER and I have no voice and probably bronchitis.
Have a wonderful week and BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON!!!


Alice said...

I believe!!! And I am hoping you and Roger will be visiting us early 2010! xoxoxox

jojo said...

I love Advent pretty.

Did I miss something? you have a cast? Uh-oh...