02 December 2009

My New Best Friends..NOT!

Well, actually I 86ed the crutches because they were killing me in every way imaginable!
I was going down the stairs from upstairs with socks on and my foot slipped off the edge of the step and pounded down to the one below. I heard a pop but no pain. This was on a Friday. When the girls got here on Monday they said my ankle was blue and swollen and I needed to be seen. Funny thing, it only hurt when I was not walking on it! They forced me to go to ER on Tuesday and the xray showed no break but tendon stretching so thus the air cast and crutches. I nearly fell leaving the ER on crutches and when I got home I nearly broke my body in half getting up to the house. By the next day I was sore and decided life was going to go on without crutches and only getting up for bathroom trips. I got to take the air cast off yesterday and I can tell no difference. I see my PCP tomorrow so we will see what he says.
So Jo-Jo, you didn't miss the hurry and scurry of Thanksgiving I forgot to post about it.
Got my Christmas cards out today, at least the first batch. I believe Debbie's and Jo-Jo's went out in that batch. Anyone else who wants to be added to my Christmas card list please email me at


jojo said...

just glad you are o.k.! take care on those stairs...for heaven's sake we're not twenty anymore..;p

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Whoa, hope the tendon shrinks back to where it's supposed to be! Be careful! As we say in my family, don't break a hip!!! Thinking of you and yours.