15 January 2010

The Bird Flew the Coop Today

And stayed out for a WHOLE 90 minutes before she had to go home into the arms of the recliner.

But I had fun...

We went to 2 thrift stores and sometimes, kids just have to be kids.

I played with this for 15 minutes.

I just want to tell y'all to have a great weekend, be kind to yourself and keep on believin'  As far as my other new word SIMPLIFY I'm workin' on a way to make that word real in my life.  Refer to the Mo blog on a previous blog entry(in the last 2 or 3 or 4 I think...) to see what I'm up to.  And there will be pics...

Love ya

Mean it


Steph said...


I love the first song that plays on your blog!!! The chorus at the middle school that I work at all of the time, my best friend is the chorus teacher, did that at their Christmas concert!! You should here 210 middle school students singing it, it was awesome!!!

Feel Better Soon!!!

Debra W said...

Have a restful weekend, dear heart! I hope that you are feeling a bit better.


jojo said...

I must catch up on my thrifting...I haven't been in weeks! Have a good weekend Ness...jj