06 January 2010

Lookie Who's Coming to My House!

They're promising me 3-5 inches in the St. Louis area starting this afternoon!
I many not have a meadow, but I will definitely be out building a snowman and making snow angels.
I'm sure Michael will capture this on film for blackmail purposes. Little does he know I'd bet anything he'll be right out there helping me and Roger will be taking pics from the door!
Anyway, I'm exciting and I'm BELIEVING for snow today.
You continue to BELIEVE as well that someone loves you, someone is keeping you and your situation in their prayers and someone bigger than you and I is watching over all of us. God bless the soldiers and keep them safe. Be with us on the cusp of sending our soldier to help his comrads. Let them know how proud we are of each and everyone of them and we will keep the homefires and candles burning until they return.