05 January 2010

I Simply Amaze Myself at Times!

(Well, my eyes look just like this...maybe the nose, maybe the mouth and the hair is favoring me...yup, this is me being amazed!)
Last year Kathy got me hooked into the Monday night show Secrets of an American Teenager. I got myself hooked on the show that followed it Make It or Break It.
Joy, pure unspeakable joy when I found out the new season began last night!!!
I kept a running countdown in my mind all day Monday..."Only x amount of hours until it comes on.!"
The time came.
I watched the shows.
I probably won't again.
What did I SEE in these two shows?
They're about people I don't care to associate with(snobs)
They really don't have a grip on reality and need to get a life(and as I type this I full well know this is TV and whatever brings in the Almighty Dollar can be as unrealistic as it wants to be)
Most of all, I surprised myself.
How do you go from being YEE HAW excited about watching two shows to not ever wanting to watch them again?
Did the writing go south that much since last season or did I take a detour off the Yellow Brick Fantasy Land Road?
Back to my real life.
I got the new Ted Kennedy book from the library yesterday and after starting laundry need to continue into that. I have always been a Kennedy person starting with JFK. My mom was Kennedy person and we were glued to the news to see what they named each of their children and never left the living room after JFK died. I feel at times like the Kennedys are a part of my family. I guess I associate them with my family who has since gone on to their reward. Wonder if Mom ever got to tell Jackie how much she loved her suits with matching hats?
And there are country BBQ ribs on the menu tonight. I was so excited to go to the meat market with Kathy on Saturday and watch them cut my ribs and pork chops fresh off the hoof(pigs have hoofs--right? Just checkin'...) Next time I want to take home some of those to die for steaks Kathy got. It brought back childhook memories of going with my dad every Saturday to the meat market for our meat. I'd sit in an old wooden antique chair and listen to the men talk while waiting in line. They had an old potbellied stove in the winter and my chair would magically(thanks to the owner of the store) float right up next to that stove and a cup of hot chocolate would appear in my hand. I called him my Belleville grandpa as opposed to my Herrin grandpa. Oh sweet memories...
Keep on BELIEVING, SIMPLIFY your life, house and mind of clutter and have a blessed day.


jojo said...

It's so nice to see you blogging regularly again, I've missed you!

We were the same way when it came to the Kennedys...I used to think we were relatives they were talked about so much!

have a great day Ness...

Alice said...

Glad you're on a path to simplify, Ness. Seems like you've got a great perspective on 2010. I hope it is an amazing year for you!!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

My earliest memory is my father carrying his portable radio into the house and he and my mom being so upset over JFK's assasination. Hope Teddy's book is inspiring!