18 January 2010


I want you to go to Steph's blog and look at what she created for our soldiers.  Michael is my son and CJ, who will be deploying 3 Feb with the Air Force for Afghanastan, is Hallie's son.

Michael was so touched when he saw it.  He said it's people like Steph who give soldiers encouragement to do the job that they must do.

Thanks Steph.

You truly touched this mother's heart today because you touched her son's heart.

Thanks to everyone for their support for our soliders.  So many of my blog friends have children in the military.  Please keep our soldiers in your prayers.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep saw it too love it... Prayers and much emotional support to all our soldiers who keep us safe and free THANK YOU !

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

She's the best. :)


Alice said...

That steph's a pretty special girl. I'm hoping to meet her in person when you come down. I'm sending you an email now.