12 February 2010

And The Winner Is...


We knew he was either going to Afghanistan in January 2011 or Egypt in May 2010.  As of last weekend he was ordered to go to Springfield, get innoculations and we would know for sure in March if he was one of the 22 out of 30 going to be embedded into the Polish Army in Afghanistan to advise them.  He would be in Poland first for 2-3 months.

All that changed yesterday when he got an email from Springfield talking about his mobilization to Egypt.

He wrote his Colonel asking for clarification and apparently they needed a 1st Lt. in Egypt due to one having to leave so Egypt it is.  He will be border patrolling around the Sinai Pennisula for a year.

This is good news, right?

Not so much.

He wanted to go to Afghanistan because he felt with his training in Field Artillery he could serve his country best there.

And I wanted what my son wanted.

So Egypt wasn't what we wanted to hear.

But still he serves at the pleasure of the President so he will go to Egypt and be the best he can be.

Afghanistan looked like a sure bet so I knew I had time to get used to him deploying until January 2011.

Not so much for May 2010.

So I'm in clinical mode, talking it up with him, making plans for a farewell party and listening to him about what he needs to get done before going.

But a little part of me died today.

At least we can celebrate his 25th birthday on 6 May before he goes.

So keep us in your prayers.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I know soldiers want to go where the most action is, but I am relieved he will be representing our country in Egypt.

Praying for you all!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

prayers and more prayers... will he get to come to ga with you in march???

Alice said...

Praying, praying, praying. God is going to use him mighty ways, Ness.

Praying for mama, too.