07 February 2010

Jake is home!

Jake is home!

However, he didn't get the memo that he was supposed to be sore and shouldn't be moving around.

His paws were extended out the gate of the cat carrier BEFORE we left the vet.  I told Jake to withdraw the paws and got glared at by the vet staff.

However this morning all the pain meds appear to have left the body and Jake is one sore cat.  He absolutely abhors his collar and has turned into Houdini Jake and getting out of the E-collar to keep him from investigating his surgical sites.

And giving a cat liquid medicine is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Colin is having to be crated in order not to bother his best friend and Colin thinks that bites!

Should be a long 2 weeks.

I called a close friend who is a vet in Missouri and she said that cat sex errors happen more often than not so I shouldn't be embarrassed when I went to pick Jake up.

I walked in the vet and the opening question was, "Did you want us to change the name on the account to a girl's name?"  I said no, Jake was staying Jake.

So all is well, our love for Jake has not changed at all and Michael is just as much in love with Jake as ever.



Laura ~Peach~ said...

glad you maked it home ok Jake... hope you feel better soon and behave for grandma ness ... i am sure colin will be so happy when you feel better too...

Debra W said...

Oh Nessie, how funny. I have had a lot of cats in my life and have never made that mistake, but I can definitely see how it could happen! I am sure that the vet got a good chuckle out of it! And Jake is a perfectly lovely name for a little girl kitty! In Judaism, we give our children Hebrew names to honor loved ones who have passed away. All of my daughters have their regular names and then they have Hebrew names that they would use if they went to Israel. My oldest is Davida Jacova for my two grandpas. The translation is basically the female versions of David and Jacob. My littlest one is Jacova Davida after my grandpa who
I wanted to give a first name to, and David, my uncle. The translation of Jacova is pronounced "Yacova" in Hebrew. Basically, it is jacob, Jack or Jake! So, your Michael's kitty's name is perfectly fine!

We have gone through the declawing process before and although it is not pleasant for the kitty, they recover much faster than we expect them to. The hard part it keeping them calm during the healing process. Jake will do fine. WIth all of grandmas love and nurturing, SHE will recover in no time!

I know that you know how much I appreciate your prayers and concern for me, but I just wanted to say it once again. Thank you. I feel your love and support traveling across the miles. If you could, please send me some extra ones on Friday. I am not afraid, only sad and stressed at the idea of having to explain myself for loving my little sweeties. Thank you for reminding me that Rob is pulling for me and that he wants me to pursue this.

You make me smile, dear heart.

Love you,

Alice said...

Poor Kitty. Feel better Jake!! I know you're in good hands with grandmama!!