02 February 2010

Enter At Your Own Risk

No one knows how to clear an area faster than me!

I start redecorating and people make mad dashes for the exits!

We got the loveseat upstairs yesterday(which turned out to be a Broyhill brand and excellently crafted and HEAVY and in place.

I gave myself a day to regroup although I was able to walk 2 miles this morning.  I want to thank my sponsor, Icy Hot, for making that walk possible...

Tomorrow is THE day!

I'm pulling the plans out of my head and putting them in place furniture-wise.

And Goodwill is going to benefit as I'm going to gift them with things that I don't have use/space for.

I'm excited.

The males in the house...not so much.

I told them just to give me a wide berth...stay downstairs.

I'm sure my spoons will only last for about 3 hours and I'll be headed to the ole recliner.

But what a fun 3 hours that will be!

I'm doing our bedroom and the 2nd bedroom/my craft room.

And when I'm sitting in that recliner my brain will be cranking out new ideas.

Our bedroom will be in baby blue and black.

The craft room will be in the primary colors of red, yellow, blue and green.

I have black picture frames I got at Goodwill(Kudos to my husband for spray painting them glossy black for me).

I am putting some of my favorite quotes in them(printed on blue paper with black printing) and will hang them up with ribbons.

My black wood 2 foot BELIEVE plaque will go on the wall at the end of the bed.

I will be thrift retail searching for a low cabinet for the end of the bed for my linens and will double as a bench with a cushion on it.

The valances will be blue and black and the bedspread will be a large black stripedown the center and a blue strip on either side.  I'm making the curtains and bedspread.

And black throw rugs on either side of the bed.

And Roger is painting our older than God dressers a glossy black and I will probably put new knobs on them of blue or blue flowers.


Have a great rest of your Tuesday.


jojo said...

I hope there will be pics...sounds very pretty, love the blue/black look. Don't overdue yourself Ness...

Debbie Jean said...

Be careful and don't overdo!! I too want to see pics! Please!! I have never seen the blue/black thing together. Sounds pretty. Sounds like you have good ideas, and can't wait to see them!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love it!!!!!!!!

Alice said...

AWESOME!! You're going to have to post pictures!!

Debra W said...

PICTURES, PLEASE! I cannot wait to see the finished projects. You deserve a peaceful environment, dear one. Enjoy!


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Making me envious, and feel like I want to do something too but I'm too lazy....I'll just admire your work from afar!!

Looking forward to seeing how the sayings look framed and hung!