31 January 2010

I LOVE Thrift Retail Therapy!

Phenomenal Saturday!!!

Kathy, Bobby, Michael Roger and I went to what we call The Quads in St. Louis.  The Quads consists of the 4 logos above.

I got a loveseat sleeper in perfect condition for $50!  It is in a small plaid of red, blue, green and yellow---EXACTLY the colors I am using in my 2nd bedroom/sewing/craft room!

Roger found some kitchen items and Kathy bought me a picture about friendship that will go in our bedroom.

We talked and laughed and ate and it was a good day.

Colin made it fine without us albeit he had the Elizabethan collar on and when Bobby and Kathy came in and saw him, his ears laid down and he was embarrassed.  As long as we are with him, he doesn't have to wear the collar unless he acts like he's going to check out his incision sites.  Come Thursday the collar will be history!

Now to hope for a cancellation in the surgery schedule to have Jake's neutering and declawing done.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.



WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Makes me wish I lived closer to St. Louis!

jojo said...

I did a little thrift store therapy myself some great milk glass for my collection. YAY!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep one day i will have to do the retail therapy with you :)
so glad colin is feeling better... if i had nuts i am sure they would sympathy cringe for him... :D
love ya