02 March 2010

Welcome to My Ultimate Universe!

My eyes are treading water.
My throat feels like it's been sanded.
Breathing used to be a it's a luxury.
I am in a different universe from the rest of the inhabitants here.

Kelli came to visit Thursday and brought a virus with her.  She got over it in a flash...not Mom, who has no immune system to speak of.  I didn't work yesterday because I couldn't sit upright.  I'm giving it a go today with no promises.

I've been bad...I haven't read any blogs.  I just sit with my eyes closed.

Things have to get better.

Michael is getting his paperwork processed for deployment and goes to file his papers tomorrow on a 3 day drill in Northern Illinois.

The days until 20 May are flying!'s the only way to cope.

Take care and stay well!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there you are going to lick that virus and feel better. Praying for you here. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

BTW the music you have on your page is very enjoyable to listen to. Hugs!

Alice said...

Awww....feel better Ness! Austin sends you kisses!!

Tonjia said...

hope you are feeling better today Ness!