03 August 2010

Are you Humbly Grateful or Grumbly Hateful...what's your attitude?

Many, many moons ago when I used to play for the childrens choir at the Methodist Church, they had a song book called Kids Under Construction and one of the songs they learned was Are You Humbly Grateful or Grumbly Hateful?

They really got into that song!

I think it appealed to them because it wasn't the usual church song of Jesus Loves Me or This Little Light of Mine(which are great songs and I love them to this day but sometimes 4th graders are a hard group to reach if you don't throw them a cool song now and then.  Besides, learning about attitude and gratitude is important and should be taught to children today by their parents.

But I digress...

So what's new?  :-)


I am a firm believer in both attitude and gratitude. 

Do I have an attitude?

Is the Pope Catholic?

And furthermore...

I know how to use it.

And also when to use it.

It has served me well and will until my last breath.

Gratitude is an integral part of my life.

I am so thankful for a home where I am safe.

Food to eat.


My furkids.


And I am especially grateful for  my son's Commander who fired off an email to us on Monday letting us know that the missiles fired over our soldiers' airspace did not do any damage to life, limb or property.  When you think about it, I'm sure the Commander had a myriad of things to do when the missiles came into his airspace, first and foremost, the safety of his soldiers and finding out the who, what, when, where and why of what was going down.

Not to mention all his top brass wanting answers from him.

But he turned his heart toward home and fired off an email to each of the families to let them know what he knew and the status of our soldiers.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

I tend not to believe in people/drink the Kool Aid like I used to.  My gullibility factor has bottomed out.

When we went to a family meeting before Michael's deployment, his Commander addressed us about what we were about to embark upon as a family of a deployed soldier and told us that he would personally see to it that we were kept informed immediately of anything going on with our soldiers and a once a week status update of what was going on in their world.  He asked us not to get caught up in the national news reports because they were akin to The Enquirer, Star and other media that wants viewship and will sensationalize or not quite bring out the facts, thus causing a lot of panic and heartache for military families.

After my son, the Commander will be the next one I hug when they return home.

I was SCARED.TO.DEATH of my son deploying.

Afterall, NOONE watches over him like I do.

The Commander talked to me and assured me that he would be looking out for each of the soldiers under his command and his facial expression and look in his eyes convinced me that Michael would be OK, that I was as good as there by having the Commander's eyes on him.

It's a Mom Thing.

Michael is a wonderful young man, thoroughly trained in the military and totally capable of taking care of business.  Never have I been so proud of him I am today.

But again...

It's a Mom Thing.

Please keep Michael and our soldiers in your daily thoughts and prayers.

Also Roger goes back to the pulmonologist today to be rechecked for his lung condition called BOOP

The treatment is long term large amounts of steroids.

Steroids is the kiss of death for his heart condition.

Stay tuned.

Have a phenomenal day and BELIEVE


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful man the Commander is. I am so glad that he keeps in touch with the families. What a blessing to have email so that he can do that.

I enjoyed reading this post. I once had a tee shirt from the Kids Under Construction church program. I used some of their books and things when I was director of the children's ministry at church. The kids loved the songs, activities and lessons.

Our military are always in my prayers. Praying for Roger too. Bless your sweet Michael for his service to our country.


Tonjia said...

Ness, I am so proud of Michael, and he is always in my prayers.. And Roger is too..

Hang on to that attitude, girl. It makes you strong, and feisty!!!