08 August 2010

A Message from the COTB

Or Chairman of the Board for those not in the know.

I KNOW the blog is named DachshundStrong and I know why.

But, with Bro gone, I'm in charge of Mom

NOT an easy job for those in the know...

(The Chihuahua Known As Colin Berkeley Mac Campbell)

is havin' his say.

Mom is off work Sundays and Mondays

As you can see, I'm having to hold her down in the recliner


Yeah, that is a navy blankie on the arm of the recliner.

Yes it is hotter than hot in Belleville, IL

And YES, Mom hates to be hot!

So there is a big fan aimed at the recliner for Mom and the blankie is for me.

Chihuahuas have rights, too!

Since it's Mom's off and I'm trying to keep her in the chair and away from the computer(she says it's for pleasure only but since she makes a living transcribing medical recs I consider the computer a no-no on her days off)

And I AM in charge of her, you know.

Check these out!

This is the front of our duplex(we're on the right) and we fly this flag daily for Michael and our soldiers all over the world.  Michael put it up for the first time right before he deployed.

This is the service flag Michael sent to Mom(surprised her all to smithereens!) after he deployed.  The navy star shows that a deployed soldier lives here.  In the spring, we're going to load the tree out front with yellow ribbons until Michael comes back in May/June 2011.

I miss my Bubbie!

We Skyped the other day and Jake cut into my Skype time.  You'd think Jake was Michael's cat or something...

Back to today...

I kept Mom in the recliner most of the day playing with yarn(she calls it knitting). 

Actually Dad was in his recliner doing the same thing.

My job is to see which one of them is concentrating the most on their knitting and then I spring into their laps and demand to have my chest rub and massage.

Kinda hard to knit around the COTB!

Mom got into her jazz music for a while and then switched to Law and Order SVU marathon(major YAWN...)

It was a pretty easy day.

Tomorrow will be a killer!

Mom is VERY OCD!

She says she has to do X amount of household work every day to feel entitled to sit down in her recliner and chill.

As if her health isn't enough of a reason !

So tomorrow she will be totally BENT on doing her housework.

Lucky for me she runs out of energy easily so she will head to the recliner and I'll be able to get my nap....errr, do my job and make her rest!

Time for my power sleep!

G'night, and as Mom always says, have a phenomenal day and BELIEVE!

Yeah, it's me again...sigh.

Mom said I forgot the quote!

Who's blog post is this anyway?!?!?!?

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.

Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them.

And the point is to live everything.

Live the questions.



jojo said...

It's hard to argue with the COTB!

Anonymous said...

Now aren't you just the cutest thing ever! I enjoyed your post very much. COTB that is cool, you have an important position. Glad you manage to get in some tummy rubs among all that knitting or playing with yarn. Chancy and I leave you lots of tummy rubs and nose kisses...hugs for your sweet mom too.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

work it COTB

Debbie said...

Okay. I smiled. A lot. This was adorable COTB!!

Prayers for Michael and the reclining bunch waiting at home :)

Tonjia said...

what a cutie!! Keep your mommy in line COTB!!!