29 August 2010

DuQuoin State Fair and meeting the Gov of IL

We(the girls, Roger and his oxygen and I) traversed about 60 miles south to the DuQuoin State(IL) fair yesterday.

We were meeting up with Kathy who is in Michael withdrawl so I brought my computer because I was TOLD they had Wi-Fi there.

OK, so they lied...


while I was in the only air conditioned building on the fairgrounds trying to set up Skype I heard applauding(I hadn't EVEN gotten the computer up yet) and in walks the Gov!

The Gov of the very state that sent 400 of Illinois's Finest to BFE Egypt.

I furiously tried to get Skype up so I could have the Gov talk to Michael but it was not to be.


as the Gov finished up his speech and kissed a few babies(election year, you know) I met him at the end of the aisle with my couture Army 2/123FA Charlie BTRY shirt accessorized with my Michael dogtags and Michael picture pin and introduced myself.

Supposedly he was very big on military families especially those who had deployed soldiers.

I told him my son was in the Sinai and he looked and said, "Yes, I believe we have 400 National Guard troops there.  And I'm planning on trying to get over and see them."

Then he shook my hand and without so much as a bye-your-leave scooted out to his waiting helicopter that my taxes are paying for.

The girls missed the whole thing because they were looking at Heifers(the cows not the rest of the family).

They said only Mom could get an audience with The Gov.

Well, he moved my son 7000 miles away so I thought he deserved the opportunity to meet me.

(KimD, I hear you laughing.  Stop it.  Now.)

So now I've contrived some virus from the fair peeps(TYVM) so I'm headed to the recliner, my meds and my knitting.

Have a blessed day and continue to BELIEVE


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

the power of a determined constituent!!! Go go Ness!!!

Debbie said...

I'm impressed too! Came here to see if I could get a clue as to what's up with you, woman??

You stay on Facebook, okay?