13 August 2010

A Glimpse at My Lieutenant

Excerpt from an email from Michael I got this morning:

Hello from the Sinai. We have been very busy here the past week preparing for sector inspections. Everything went fairly well and they were impressed with C BTRY's improvements to the sector (not surprising). I have been embroiled with fighting South Camp on letting me run the sector and report to them instead of them trying to run everything from there. The commander came out here yesterday and we had the cook make a cheesecake (not as good as mine) for his birthday. My attempts to incite a humorous situation by having everyone wish him a happy 40th birthday was met by dry chuckles and threats of bad comments on my OER (Officer Evaluation Report).

We head back to South Camp next week, and this week finds me preparing for the transition back. I'm trying to set up air assets for two of my sites while squaring away vehicle issues for the rest of them. My guys out here have been phenomenal and CPT Finn is constantly getting praise on our performance out here. I received the first care package yeserday and was overjoyed to have my hard drive. The Splenda went in my coffee this morning and I've had to hide it in my desk for safe keeping. Kiereney will be happy to know that one of my soldiers is an NCIS fan and trying to get me into it....he's failing so far.

Well, the LOGPAC with our food is rolling in so I need to head out. Hope everyone there is doing fine and I'll set up a Skype for this weekend. Later.



I can just hear him saying these words, seeing that smile when he injected the humorous parts. 
 I miss him so much it physically hurts.

But May/June 2011 is coming day by day and I'm determined to make it to see him again.

It's what keeps me going.

Hurry home Lieutenant!

Mom needs a Michael hug in the worst way!

I love you and am so proud of you and C BTRY.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Hope you get to Skype soon!!! In my prayers always!

Debra W said...

Michael sounds confident, healthy, well-humored and strong. That is more than a mother could hope for. Sounds like he is doing a lot better than his mom is right now, and that worries me.

Nessie, I am so sorry that things have been so incredibly tough for you. I am praying for peace, comfort and healing to come your way soon. You have such a kind soul and you deserve to have peace in your life. I understand your struggle with the depression and am very sad to hear that it is doing such a number on you. Feel it, let it happen, accept it, and then, when the time is right, fight it like hell. Don't allow it to take over YOUR life! I would like to know more about your issue with the medication. Please email me. Can your doc provide samples? My pain doc often does. I have to ask, but when I do, she always gives them to me if she has them. You cannot go without your meds, sweetie.

Please know that I am always an email away. I am not very good about phone calls because between my four daughters, I spend a lot of time talking and listening,(to the point that sometimes my brain just needs a brake!) but you can always write me!

Take good care, dear one. You are loved and cared about very much!

Hugs and love,