23 October 2010

A Book Has Been Written About My Life!

Yes, I've been back to the library.

No, I did not fall again.

Yes, I did see where I did fall and if I was an evil person I would sue the City of Belleville for the lip in their sidewalk that took me down!

But I digress...

I am a total reading eclectic.

Quotes, fiction, biographies, Bibles, Complete Idiot's Guide to ?

Yup, I read it.

So yesterday I had decided to look for the children's book Freddie the Leaf.  Couldn't remember who wrote it but KNEW I LOVED the author's quotes and other books he has written.

Couldn't find it in the computer library catalog.

Mentioned it to the librarian(who stopped me to find out how I was after the fall and nearly donated her breakfast to my shoes when she saw my hand/wrist) and she said the title was THE FALL OF FREDDIE THE LEAF and it was in house.

Checked it out along with my Christmas craft magazines, the God Said Bible(remember the black and white billboards on the highways with God quotes?), a new Michelle Obama book, A Complete Idiot's Guide to the Bible and some more Debbie Macomber books.

Came home and read Freddie first.


It is a beautiful story.

I told my husband to read the book as my eulogy at my graveside service.(Funerals are for those who have the means and I'm not one of them and it's A-OK with me) 

God bless you Leo Buscaglia for writing Freddie.

Thank you Debbie Macomber for mentioning Freddie in one of your books which made me check it out.  I figured being the Fall Fanatic I am, any book about a leaf had to be right up my alley.

The rain did not come today...sigh.

Was looking forward to a rainy day.

It's cool and partly cloudy so I am grabbing a book and going outside to read and enjoy the weather.


Thank you for being my friends!


Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear that you have not fallen again. Keep on enjoying all those great reads while you are mending from your spill. And I hope you have no more falls. Hugs

Laura ~Peach~ said...

theres a book i remember the librarian readig to us in elementary school have looked for it for years... I THINK it is called Randy the raindrop. Someday I will find it again.
glad you are having a good day! love and hugs

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Woohoo! Ness 1 Library sidewalk 1

Will have to check out Freddie the Leaf. Love fall weather - it is raining here today.

Debbie said...

Enjoyed talking to you! We'll do it again soon. I have not heard of this book...but am really enjoying "watching" Autumn this year. It's been warm enough to be outside and not much rain.

January....I'll remember!! hahaha