05 December 2010

Ness 5~thyroid cancer return ZERO

After 5 days of running back and forth to St. Louis the blood work came out crappy but the radioactive iodine scan showed no thyroid cancer!

I put my medical team on hold until January when we'll add a hematologist to the team and God knows who else to find out what is going on with my blood.

So next November, unless Dr. Grigsby feels something funky in my neck or my thyroid tests are waay off, no more radioactive iodine scans!

We pulled up in front of the house and Michael was on the phone waiting to see what the results were.  Gotta love that soldier of mine!

The Army is already clamoring over him to send him to Afghanistan to head up the Fire Support team Nov 2012.  I have a feeling that he will take an earlier deployment and not put his life on hold for 18 months.

Are your halls all decked?

Nary a one around here and it just may stay that way.

It's been a wild and crazy(read stressed to the max and then some) year and I'm not sure I'm up to decorating.  May do some baking.  Even cancelled my plans to spend Christmas Day with Kathy and the boys.  We'll see them Christmas Eve, go to Midnight Mass and go home.  Michael's presents, candy and Christmas tree has been sent so he's accounted for.

And on the good news front...

Our mechanic things the AC condenser slipped and that's why my truck locked up but I do not need a new motor and he's getting back to me next week on how $$$$$ it will take to fix it.  I may be holding bake sales to raise the cash but we need the truck for Roger's doctor visits, etc.  Thank you God it was not my motor. 

Trying to catch up with all my blog friends and think I'm getting there. 

Take care, don't let the holidays rule you and continue to b-e-l-i-e-v-e!


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

WooHoo for NESS!!! So glad your thyroid results were great.

Praying that your blood problems will even out too.

Hope you have a great holiday and don't worry too much and try to do too much!!!

Good luck on the truck. Glad it was not the motor!

Paxie Panicker said...

Thank God! Finally, things are turning around for you and I am thrilled. This is the best news, Ness! ((Hugs))

All the other stuff will work itself out... :)

Laura~peach~ said...

thanks for calling yesterday... i cant find your comment anywhere so i think blogger must have eatten it.
love you HUGS Laura

Debra W said...

Only do what you can and what will bring you enjoyment! The rest is only fluff. Michael's package is out so you can relax a bit now:)

I am so glad that your test results were a-okay! May 2011 be a much better year for you! Lord knows you deserve it!!!

Take good care, dear one.

Love and hugs,

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Eric Remlinger said...

Take care and prayers are with you!

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LauraX said...

well Ness, although things are far from perfect, THANK GOD your thyroid looks ok. I will pray for healing for you and your husband and for your son's safety.

wishing you happy holidays, resting in this one piece of very good news.

LauraX said...

thinking about you Ness...praying for better health and ease for you and your whole family.

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