09 August 2011

Getting Zen

This is a work in progress.

I'm looking to simplify my life.

I came across Zen in a book I was reading.

I have checked on several books on Zen since then.

I'm not sure if Zen is a form of Buddahism.

I'm Catholic and not looking to change religions.

I would just like to find methods to meditate, clear my head, etc.

So checked out more books and researching more.

Feel free to jump in with suggestions.

On the medical front, they have had to add Wellbutrin to my 60 mg of Prozac because the depression is out of control and I'm irritable and wanting to stay home all the time.  I recognize that's not a good place to be so I'm trying the Wellbutrin.

On the home front, Michael is moving to Virginia this week to set up housekeeping with his friends and look for work.  I have so appreciated him staying here with me the past 3 months.  He has been cleared by the National Guard to transfer from Illinois but we don't know if Virginia has a place for an officer.  If not, he will be staying in IL and going to Afghanistan in the spring.  I have mixed emotions that weren't helped by losing the 31 soldiers in Afghanistan this past weekend. 

Kiereney and her boyfriend Ken probably will be taking the next step over Labor Day weekend and then I'll be in wedding mode.

Kelli is kinda dating a guy who is in Army Reserves and did time in Iraq.  I feel like the Army is moving in on my family.  So long as they all are happy.

I hope all are well.  I have been working on our bedroom, getting up quotes and all my Believe plaques.  Got curtains at Goodwill for $4 and got them up.  We are ordering an Ansel Adams poster to frame(favorite of my husband's) and then the room will be complete.  All my favorites--candles, quotes, Believe.  I think it will become my favorite place to be.

Keep on Believin'.


Alice said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your bedroom! You'll have to show. Let me know what you find in your research. I'm interested, too.

TonjiaT said...

I think whatever gives you peace and calmness is a good thing. Not sure what Zen is, but I do know the buddhists sure have a handle on internal peace.

pictures! we need pictures of your bedroom! and woo hoo and congrats to Kierney!!

Lauren said...

U r insipiring

Lauren said...

ur inspiring to me xx

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