27 February 2012

Rough Patch

It's been a rough patch the last few weeks between Kiereney in and out of 2 hospitals for abdominal pains which turn out to be an infection called Helicobacter pylori.  The day that happened, the transmission went out of the truck and that will be at least $2000 so we are walking a lot to the store and using the city buses as we can.  Roger can ride for free but it's 2.75 a trip for me.  So sometimes I have to put Roger in God's hands and send him alone for his Dr. appointments.  So far, he's had a pretty good winter, if you want to call this mild Springy weather Winter.  I'm so disappointed.  I look forward every year to cold weather and snow.  Doesn't look like I will be in the meadow building my snowman and making snow angels this year.  There had better be snow in Heaven!

Michael is doing well in Virginia.  He is a platoon leader and the commander keeps him busy setting up live fire (shooting) drills.  I hope and pray with all my heart that he does not get his wish to deploy to Afghanistan.  With the escalation over there now I don't think he would come back alive.  I just want all the soldiers out of Afghanistan and everywhere else they are at besides in the US to come back NOW.  I'm going to go on a news blackout because there is so much tragedy going on.  Another school shooting at a high school in Ohio today....5 shot, 1 dead so far.  And then the gossip rags have to slip into a funeral home and take a picture of Whitney Houston in her casket and publish it on the front page of the National Enquirer.  Nothing is safe or sacred anymore.  I would just like to gather all you friends up, find a place in CA near the beach and build a fortress to keep us and our families safe.  I have had 2 panic attacks today already. 

The doctor started me on a new drug for Fibro called Savella.  I'm cautiously optimistic but I've only been on it for 2 weeks.  I will go back to the Dr. in 2 months and we will reevaluate.  At least he upped my pain meds to every 6 hours as needed instead of just one a day and take Advil.  Every doctor needs to experience the pain of fibro and the fatigue of chronic fatigue syndrome so they can relate to their patients more.

I did watch Whitney's funeral on TV and took away from it a good old fashioned church service as well as a song that I am claiming to keep me strong by Donnie McClurkin called "Stand". 

My link is being stupid but if you click on the word STAND you should get a popup asking if you want to go to YouTube to view the song.  You really should view it.  It gave me a lot of hope.

Colin's been so busy taking care of Mom that he hasn't had time to blog lately but I am going to give him some time off tomorrow so he can blog.  He has had a lot of adventures lately that sure bring a laugh or smile to his parents' faces.

We're making wedding plans again....Ken was transferred after AIT school to Ft. Drum, NY.  Culture shock for a guy who has not been used to the cold or snow in NY.  Virginia didn't have much of a winter either.  They are miserable without each other so this may be a quick but beautiful and meaningful wedding around Easter or early summer.  I told them to give me 2 days and I would have the whole thing set up.  I also told them they were financing it except for Kiereney's dress.  She wants a veil like the girl in the last Twilight movie and their first dance will be to that song which I think is called 1000 Years.  Don't quote me.

I love you all and your friendship and thoughts of you have made my physical and mental world better.  I have tried calling some of you but you are busy people.

We gotta still keep BELIEVIN'....and STANDING.

Love to all and please keep my friend Beth in your prayers.  If you are on FB then you know what happened.  If not, get there, friend me and you can read the miracles God has been performing out of a girl who fell out of an attic and has frontal lobe brain injuries.  Her family is Jewish but we've been supporting them with Catholic, Methodist, Baptist and Lord knows what else kinds of prayers and they seem to be working.  God is nondenominational, you know... :-)  I just love you all!


Alice said...

Ness-mama, sorry you have been carrying a heavy load. Sending love and prayers your way. Hang in there, mama. oxox

Laura~peach~ said...

yes just stand. :) love ya

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