05 March 2012

Now that you've picked yourselves off the floor

that this is the SECOND week in a row I blogged....

My new mantra...Sunday day off for me (EVERY woman needs a Sabbath according to my San Ban Breathnack book Simple Abundance) and Monday is my blog catchup day/desk straightening day/Recliner/Colin Therapy Day.

Have you all been introduced to Pininterest?  I ran across it on FB and am addicted!  It's cheaper than drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and shopping. 

Well remember I got on here 2 weeks in a row...I'm being called to Grandma Duty with an unhappy dachshund that needs some love.


Since no one has read this yet, I can add on that I spent the morning diagnosing our 16 year old dachshund and her pain.

(When I went to nursing school, I said my skills would come in handy for family and friends, never realizing my family would be dachshunds, cats and a chihuahua)

I have ruled out the need to put her down (KJ was screaming, "She's suffering, you have to put her down."  First of all, it's Kelli's dog and that would be HER decision and second of all, Brandy has not arrived at that point.

Bowel sounds in all 4 quadrants (yes I did use my stethescope on her).  Pain is exacerbated by standing or laying down and is relieved by laying on her back on Grandma's thighs with Grandma's knees bent.

Therefore, my diagnosis is arthritis since her pain/whimpering is relieved when she is not bearing weight.

I have given her a baby aspirin and got her to sleep and when my knees wore out, KJ has taken over.

And now it's time to DRIVE (LOVE THAT WORD!!!) to pick up Kelli in St. Louis and take her to the emergency room to have her diagnosed with shingles(which I already diagnosed) and get her a pain script (which I can't write unless I go to medical school and that isn't going to happen in this lifetime).  Hoping ER is not hopping and we can be in and out.  She needs to change primary care doctors as hers has diagnosed her with compartment syndrome (kinda pain that your head makes up because she has panic disorder) and won't do anything for her.  She doesn't have insurance and is a self pay (Lord PLEASE let this job she is on turn into permanent with BENEFITS).  Actually KJ has the same doctor but he has no problem with giving her pain meds, etc.  When all is said and done, Kelli has fibro.  She is having the same pain as I do, I have done the trigger point test and she is 18/18 positive pain spots.  But I truly believe what she has now in her back in a 5 inch radius is shingles because a) she's had them before, b) it's not a deep muscle pain but a skin/surface-y kind of pain and she had not had a recent injury.

But what do I know?

I'm just the Mom and a nurse and can add 2 plus 2 and get 4.


OK, Kelli DOES have shingles but the antiviral med she needs is over $200 so we're hoping her reg Dr. can give her a script for acyclovir.  In the meantime she is on Prednisone and Vicodin and did make it to work again today.

And then there was the joke about the red truck with the factory installed truck bed cover in shiny red to match the truck and the truck's transmission got sick.  So it went to the auto hospital and $2000 later its transmission was well but its factory installed red truck bed cover had been amputated/stolen! 

I have no words...

Except to say that Roger is meeting with our insurance adjuster and getting an estimate to replace it like it was and we will see what happens.  Like -I- can afford to shell out money for the truck bed cover.  It was soooooo  pretty.  I don't know if the repair shop (one owner) has to cover our loss or not but you bet your sweet bippy our insurance will try...

OK, back to work.

Stay tuned.


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