23 April 2012

Life with Ness and her minions

Saturday, Saturday, everlovin' Saturday.

The day the Ness died.

Being a flower child is tough at 57.9 years.

Back to Truckin' Thursday...

We bought this

A Bloomerang lilac bush which keeps on blooming until cold weather.  That went by our back door steps so I can sit on the steps and get high on lilac...wonder if it works for fibro pain?

And this

Lantana, or commonly known as Butterfly Bush because it attracts butterflies.

There's a story here...

Like you thought there wouldn't be?

The day I came home from thyroid cancer surgery on 07/21/2005, I made it as far as my computer in the living room and Googled the bejeebers out of thyroid cancer, etc.  In my search, I found out that the symbol for thyroid cancer was a butterfly because the thyroid was shaped like a butterfly.  And the colors were teal, dark purple and hot pink.  During my convalescence, we were at a store and they were advertising butterfly bushes.  HAD.TO.HAVE.ONE.  But I wanted it in teal, dark purple and hot pink.  No~such~luck!  But they, I eyed the one pictured above and it was love at first sight.   And I have bought one the last 7 years because they are annuals.  How'd I love to find a perennial Lantana.  So this was planted at the corner of our house so I could see it from the front porch.

And of course we didn't stop there...

Roger found 3 types of tomatoes~correction~Roger found the tomato plants and Ness picked out the types---Beefsteak, Big Boys and Better Boys.  I live for garden tomatoes.  Roger said the basil and rosemary plants latched onto his arms (he's the herb freak).  We've passed by this nursery a lot since it's close to our house but had never stopped in 6 years.  Now I know why... :-) 

Sandy(the owner) told us not to plant on Thursday because it was going to get cold at night.  Friday was a rain day so Saturday Maw and Paw Campbell fetched their garden gear and commenced planting things.  Maw used a pitchfork to dig up for her wildflower seeds(shoulders still aren't speaking to me) and the shovel for her Lantana bush.  Paw dug the lilac bush hole and supervised on Maw's digging....bad move for Paw...

With the pretties planted, we turned to the garden veggies and then realized that we had taken the garden fence down after I impaled my leg on a garden metal stake 2 years ago. 

That called for a trip to Wal Mart.

Who has always had my green fencing and garden stakes

Until this year...

So I sent Roger next door to Lowe's and I continued the Wal Mart zoo.  You'd think it was the day before Christmas!

Got groceries and more wax for my scent burners and was down to the last item...

I could NOT find them...NOT in Baking, NOT with dried fruit, NOT with canned fruit.

So I asked 3 different clerks and they said they moved them.

Apparently it was a BIG secret because that's all they said.

Now I CAN'T eat my Grape Nuts without my raisins!

So I went to the top....THE MANAGER.

He couldn't find them!

So finally in desperation, he looked in the SEASONAL/CANDY aisle and there they were!

Oh, did he get an earful as only I could do it.  I saw him call on Jesus during my diatribe...

Headed to the register and Michael called.

I NEVER miss a Michael call.

We were chatting and I was waiting on the cashier and ran my debit card through and it REJECTED!


Hung up on Michael and grabbed another card and it WENT THROUGH!

Grabbed my cart and hightailed out of that ZOO!


I looked in my purse, had no pockets and I went tearing back to Cashier at Register 11 and said, "You have my card!"  And he politely said, "No, Ma'am, YOU slid the card in...I never touched it!"

Roger pulled up out front and we loaded the truck and I dug in my purse all the way home and FOUND IT under the flap at the bottom of my purse next to my phone.

To clear myself, I have 2 identical cards....One is a debit card and the other is a savings account card which you can only use at our bank's ATM.  I pulled out the wrong card to slide it in the machine and it rejected it.

I went through all 9 kitty lives at that moment.

Did I mention at Wal Mart we bought 32 Lily of the Valley bulbs?

Guess not...

Well, our neighbor gave us last Fall a ton of purple Iris bulbs and I planted them.

All 13 are up.

All 13 are spaced the length of the house, leaving a lot of blank space.

So Roger said we could put Lily of the Valley between then and they would spread and cover the blank space.

Apparently they are like rabbits....they multiply and we may be eaten by them!

They will be planted tomorrow along with the rest of these

Red petunias

They go on the left side of the front of the porch and my Star Gazer Lillies(my wedding flowers) come up every year on the right side of the porch.  I planted 6 of them in my birdhouse planter and pots at the bottom of my front steps but just didn't have the energy to plant the remaining 6.

Need a bathroom break?
More coffee?
Just checking because the highlight of the experience is coming up.

So back we go to the garden and start putting up the fence.  Roger rolled it around and I tied it on the stakes with 4 cable ties each (32 ties) but who's counting?  THEN I said, "I don't want bunnies stealing my garden this year.  I think we need to staple the fence to the bottom of the wood surrounding the garden."  Roger thought it was a great idea but I was the only one who could get on the ground.  So ~on my back~ I Army crawled around the perimeter of the garden with the staple gun.  I have small hands and it took both of them to squeeze the handle to make the staple come out.  We have the male version of Gladys Cravitts(of Bewitched show fame) who lives across the street and he found it most entertaining to watch.  I may never be able to say enough Hail Mary's to get out of Hell for all those no-no words I said as he watched and I would misfire a staple and miss the wire and the wood and have to do it again.  One hour later I was done.  I just laid on the grass and told Roger to cover me with dirt as I would not be rising any time soon.

Finally got all the tools put away (WHERE"S a little kid when you need one?) and got into the house about 5 p.m.

Sunday we held the recliners down, read the Sunday papers, got up only when necessary to go to the Necessary Room and flipped to see who would cook supper.  (We had Wal Mart pizza Saturday night that Kiereney cooked because neither of us were able to get out of the recliners)

But we DID have a Dogs/Cat birthday party yesterday.  Roger had made homemade vanilla/almond extract white cupcakes on Friday while he still had some sense before we planted the farm on Saturday.  All their birthdays are in March and April.  This was Jake (Michael's cat) first taste of anything other than dry cat food and water and after one crumb decided she needed to sleep it off.  But Molly, Colin and Brandy scarfed them down(un-iced, of course) and then Roger divided Jake's cupcake among them.  They all took long afternoon naps after that...wonder if he put Tryptophan in the cupcakes?  We resumed watching Law and Order SVU reruns after the Cards beat up their opponent BAD and drank coffee.

Today is Day 2...the day I thought I wouldn't be able to get out of bed because Day 2 is usually the WORST day.

Not today.

I've washed towels and rugs and spent nearly the entire day on the computer making up a new resume and submitting it to several places to keep Unemployment happy.  Truth be told~I love retirement!  But it is in God's Hands whether I go back to work or not.  Roger says NO WAY!!!!!  I must be a submissive wife and listen......submissive is NOT in my vocabulary!  :-)

I know, long winded, etc. post but I had a lot to say.  Next time I will post pics of all this planting mania we had on Saturday. 

I'm STILL believin' and hope you are, too.

Love to all my Sistahs in Blogland!


joanne said...

you silly girl! Sorry I missed your call, I was out planting my Gracie rose...

Laura~peach~ said...

lol sounds wonderful.... sorry i missed your call too i was driving and unless it is a road trip I dont talk and drive LOL...
love you cant wait to see all the pretties!!!

Debbie said...

I have left 2 messages and they are gone. Not sure why my messages are not staying!!! ACK!!!

God Bless~

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