12 April 2012

Roll Out the Barrel!

Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun
Roll out the barrel, we've got the blues on the run
Zing boom tararrel, ring out a song of good cheer
Now's the time to roll the barrel, for the gang's all here!

I may not be able to roll out the barrel, but I'm having a barrel of fun lately!

The eldest has left the nest on her own.  'nuff said.  Life is so much more peaceful!

Planning Kiereney's wedding is a blast!  Being the only resident child, I can see what a kind soul she is.  She has one more surgery to remove the abdominal cyst (emergency incision and drainage through her belly button of the abdominal cyst 2 weeks ago).

We have the church, reception site, pictures, flowers and wedding dress and accessories nailed.  By Memorial Day when Ken flies in for the weekend, we will have the cake, the tuxes, the caterer and videographer nailed.  I just want this all nailed down in my usual Ness-OCD-Style and then I'll be happy.  We are working on a wedding website and when it is done, I will provide you the address.  Of all my children, this is the one who is most like my Mom in every way----same sense of humor, same favorite color (purple), same personality.  I so wish my mom could have met her but I feel assured that she is watching from above.

To Jojo, I wanted to express my sorrow at the loss of your precious dog, Graciella (Gracie).  I feel your pain but as I told you, Gracie would let you know when she was ready to leave.  All my love, hugs and prayers are being sent to Washington State for you and your husband.  As I also said, Gracie chose to go to her heavenly home 44 years to the day that my mother did and knowing that got me through the day.  I mean, what better honor than to have a dog join my mother on her heavenly home day?  I'm sure she petted Gracie upon arrival as she was a converted dog lover when she married my dad.

Roger is doing remarkably well and we have tilled our 4 x 4 garden this week in anticipation of planting in a couple of weeks when the weather decides to stay warm and not flip between summer and winter.

Our Easter was great!  We went down to Kathy's for Saturday and Sunday and got to see my boys Cade and Carter.  They are getting so grown looking at ages 6 and 7.  We also got a lot accomplished on the wedding that Kathy got to do with us so that made it more fun.  And Kathy and I made our famous Walmart trip.  EVERY TIME I go to Walmart with her, at least ONE person comes up to her who knows her!  I feel like I'm with a celebrity when more than 1 come.  And we laugh like crazy....laughter feels so good when you're not used to it.  We had to put the childrens' grandmother in the hospital for congestive heart failure after church but she is better and back home.  I guess the ex daughter in law still has some connections as I talked her into going.  She would say a word, have to take a deep breath, and say another word.  Because of Roger, congestive heart failure has become too familiar with me and I knew she was having a spell of it so I took her to ER. Of course, the ex's new wife got her tailfeathers in a knot because I had been~gasp~ over at her mother-in-law's house with my daughter but that's too bad.  I do what I needed to do and she still loves me, ex daughter in law notwithstanding.

The bride has awaken from her nap and we're off to register at Target, Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

STILL believin'!

Love you all~


Debra said...

Wedding plans!!!!! How exciting, Nessie! I am so happy for you and hope that you are enjoying all of the planning. I can't believe that the boys are now 6 and 7! Time just keeps ticking by, doesn't it???

Thank you for your very kind words. I appreciate everything you said. Life can be very complicated but as long as we hand tough, we can get through just about anything! I hope that you are feeling well and that you aren't dealing with too many flares.

Love and big hugs,

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