09 July 2012


Yeah, my Star Gazer lilies that visit me every July are in that Big Star Gazer Lily Field in the Sky.

I came home from Georgia and gave them Last Rites.

I mean, going against triple digit temps and my gardener laid out in a full length brace with torn ligaments, no watering, no living.

Now WHY her sister could not have come over and done it remains one of the mysteries of this world and beyond.

In better news...

My butterfly bush that I buy annually to symbolize another year of thyroid cancer remission lived.

Our garden was revivable and we had our first tomato on Saturday.

And in BEST news...

I finally made it to GEORGIA and met the most PHENOMENAL people....Alice, her husband Ervin, her stepdaughter Erin, her godson Tyler and their youngest, 3 year old Austin.

Austin...there are no words.

He is every parents dream and if I ever have any more kids (GOD FORBID) I would board them year round at Alice's so they would turn out as good as Austin.  That child is smart beyond years, more mannerly than a lifelong Southern gentleman and it was love at first site.

When he was ready to be born 3 years ago (I SAID he would be born on the 4th of July but noone believed me) I was at Ft. Sill, OK at my son's military graduation and bought Austin a gift.

I have been trying since then to get to Georgia and something would always come up.

And then when I DO make it, Mimi (Alice's mom) leaves the state for a better party...

I forgive you Mimi~and what kind of coffee did you bring us because it was wonderful!

And the restaurant Alice introduced us to....I saw it when we met up with her and thought, "I don't think so...looks like a shacky dive."


I had to go back after the night Alice took us to pick up dessert to go.  The best evah dessert hands down!

Alice was like my sister from another family.  It was like we had always been together. 

Georgia, what I saw of it on many, many side trips(aka wrong turns to get back to where we were staying) was GORGEOUS!  I would move down there in a heartbeat except:

Snow is scare in GA.

Humidity is in plentiful supply.

Everyone was so friendly....EVEN in WALMART!!!!

We will be back to Georgia this Fall and Mimi better be home!

Thanks for your hospitality, Alice.

We love you and miss you!

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Steph said...

When you come down in the Fall, I better get notice! I can't believe that you were so close and I didn't get to meet you in person!

School has my life consumed, and add Dad to mix and I don't have time for much of anything. I think of you daily though!!