20 October 2012

Another beastly autoimmune disease~MS

My eldest daughter, Kelli Lynne, turned 35 this past Friday.
A few weeks ago after a year of left sided pain her doctor attributed to compartment syndrome, they ran an MRI and found 8 lesions on the right side of her brain that smacked of multiple sclerosis.
After 5 days of unrelenting pain, even on 7.5 mg of Oxycodone with acetaminophen, she went to ER because her internist was on vacay in Africa and the doctor covering for him "didn't want to see Kelli because her case was too complicated".
So Kelli went to ER.
They ended up admitting her and starting her on IV SoluMedrol, a cousin of Prednisone, which was supposed to decrease the inflammation of her nerves and thus, with IV pain control (which she never got....they gave her FIVE MG of oral Percocet every 6 hours.
They did a lumbar puncture to determine what type of MS she has and the jury is still out.  Her spinal fluid had sugar in it which they attributed to the SoluMedrol and her spinal fluid pressure was 28 (normal being 15) but since she didn't have a headache, they blew that off as well.
They did an MRI of her spinal cord, at least the cervical and thoracic and for some odd reason, they had to do the lumbar and sacral the next day which made NO sense to me since they already had her doped up on Versed for the CLOSED MRI and lumbar puncture.
This latest pain had been in her chest, back and stomach.
Guess what?
They found a new lesion on her SPINAL CORD in the thoracic area which would account for the newest pain.
This has only developed in the last month since the September MRI scan of the spinal cord. 
There is no cure for MS and the lesions cannot be removed for they will just grow back.
She still did not rate any pain control and thus they sent her home with an appointment to see her neurologist on Monday.
She's already had an appointment with His Holiness and he has the bedside manner of a serial killer and told her at that appointment that MS simply did not have pain as a symptom...
Did I mention that he was voted the best neurologist in St. Louis for 2011?
So I am taking her to the appointment on Monday with my legal pad full of questions and may God show mercy on his soul if I do not get answers.  Kelli is so a nurse it makes NO SENSE to her why she is not being treated for pain, put on a medication full time to address the nerve inflammation and is about to give up the ghost.
Please keep her in your thoughts, prayers, chants or whatever way you support those with needs.
I'm still believing that there is help for my daughter whose insurance expires on Halloween.
Can you help her believe as well?


joanne said...

Oh Ness, it's time for the nut house for the both of us. I'm so sorry and scared for Kelli, maybe I should be scared for her dr! I know with Mama on her side that Kel with get her questions answered and sooner than later. It's got to get better, I insist, and I'm here for you (even if I'm not home much lately). You are in my prayers and yes, I do BELIEVE.

Debbie said...

Oh no Ness. I am sorry about Kelli. With you with her, she'll hopefully find the answers she needs. I hate doctors that dismiss someones pain. I want to give them pain!!! ACK!!!
You know I believe!! It's all over my house! We have to believe, without believing, there's no where to turn.
I will do anything I can to convince sweet Kelli to believe.
Love ya!
God Bless~
PS. When you and Jojo, go to the nut house, am I invited?

Alice said...

Covering Kelli in prayer, Ness. Covering you all! Go get 'em mama bear. Don't take no for an answer and keep pushing until you get the answers you need. And if you need to change doctors -change it! Hang in there, mama. Love you all!

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