13 October 2012


Yes, I am a die-hard St. Louis Cardinal fan since my mom's water broke with me while at a Cardinal game in the 7th inning on 04/29/54.
I worked for straight A's all through my junior high years so I would receive 2 tickets to 3 Cardinal games each summer.
My dad took me.
It was some of the best times of my life.
It definitely helped the summer after my 8th grade year.
Mom wasn't there to see us off for each game that year, having died 2 months before.
But tradition of the last 2 years when she was got me through.
Circa 2011...
Last year was miraculous!
WHO comes back 10-1/2 games down to WIN the World Series?
My Cards did!
And this year they got into the Wild Card race by the stitching of their baseball.
Last Friday we beat Atlanta.
We had one chance to do it and we did.
This week we have been in battle with the Washington DC Nationals.
My heart is with them today.
The last time they were in contention for the World Series was 1933.
Their manager is 65 years old.
I would have happily moved my Cards to one side so this manager and his team could have had their 15 minutes of fame after 79 years of trying.
I thought they had it last night.
They had us 6-0.
Our opening pitcher didn't bring it.
When it was time for Blue Bloods, I switched to it and kept checking on the game during commercials.
When Blue Bloods was over the score was 6-4 Nats.
We watched the rest of the game.
TWICE we were down to our last strike before the Nats would clinch and go out to play San Francisco on Sunday.
I am still sitting here shaking my head and woke up this morning disappointed that we had lost but happy that the Nats won.
Then I remembered...
Cards won 9-7 and if my life depended on it I could not tell you how.
Mo Jo?
I swear I didn't pray---I save God for more important stuff than sports.
And I genuinely feel bad for the Washington Nationals today.
I wish there was another game to play so they had another chance.
They showed up with their brand new baseballs, their clean uniforms and heart. 
Plus a lot of skill.
But somehow, the Cards won.
Some of the Nat players and fans were still at their stadium an hour after the game ended in utter and complete shock.
It was SO their game to win.
The fat lady was singing the last line of the song!
My son felt the same way and he posted on FB this morning about the Nats, congratulated them on their talents, time and efforts.
I would expect nothing less from my son.
But I didn't expect one of his close friends from grade school to come back at him like he did.
Yes soldiers are soldiers to protect us and our freedoms, one of which is speech.
But to say that Michael was insincere, that he was just posting that because the Cards WON? 
That the Nats didn't need his sympathy or words?
I literally had to sit on my hands to keep from reupping my FB page and ripping this so-called friend to shreds.
But I thought of my son and knew that as much as I was his mother, he was my TWENTY-SEVEN year old son who could not only deploy for the Army but handle his FB replies.
So instead of reupping my FB, I called my son and vented.
He understood, gave me props for fighting getting back on FB and restraining from replying, that he knew I always had his back and I was his biggest fan and I trusted and respected him enough to deal.
Then I heard that his eldest sister got into the discussion and this so-called friend called her out.
He doesn't know what he has started.
I ALMOST feel sorry for him
But today I feel worse for the Nats.
They will come back next year and I will be rooting my heart out for them.
Because surely to God, St. Louis could not get into the playoffs 3 years in a row.
Congrats to the Cards.  Good luck tomorrow as you play SF.
But I have to be honest...
I still love you but would have loved to see the Nationals win.
Winning isn't everything.
Heart plays a roll.
After all, I tried to get born into your stadium 58 years ago.
Do you KNOW how much press THAT would have generated for the Cards?
One last thing...
Never stop believin'.
And keep my friend, Deb, whose mother went home to be with God this week, in your prayers.
It so hurts to lose a mom.
Even worse than a ballgame.


joanne said...

losing my mom, mother, friend, was one of the hardest losses of my life and I still miss her every moment of the day.
Congrats to you and your Cards and prayers for Deb. love ya.

Debbie said...

Thank you so much, Ness for your love and for caring about me. You are so special to me. Thanks!!!

God Bless~