07 November 2012

The Party's Over........

And I am so BLUE.....
I didn't lose my vote for the last 2 Presidential elections!
For those on the Red Elephant, your guy fought a hard and tough race but did it like a true gentleman and I wish him the best.  He will be back next election.
We had Jay, Kelli, Jay's sons Cal and Quinn, Kiereney, Roger and me
My precious son came home early for Thanksgiving and this mom is thankful to the moon and back.
First time we've all watched the election results together since they have become adults.
Michael's major in college was History and Poly fact, all my kids are very well versed in politics so it was quite an enjoyable evening with my future son-in-law and FIRST grandsons.
Yep, Jay did it~
He proposed 2 weeks ago and Kelli accepted!
She has a beautiful Irish Claddah engagement ring and probably a late Spring wedding in 2013.
Roger outdid himself with homemade chili, grilled hotdogs, cookie pizza and  brownies and I bought the chips and soda.
Bad wife?
BUSY wife because yesterday was the day I dread all year, returning to Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis and having the tests done to see if I'm still in remission.
I get the results when I meet with my oncologist on the 15th.
Gotta tell you, not having a good feeling.
The past 6 years, I was bubbly, bouncy and said, "Bring on the tests~I've got this.  No metastatic cancer for me this year!"
But it is Year 7 and I've been warned by fellow thyroid cancerites that going out of remission is practically given after Year 5 because they never know how long the thyroid cancer has been there and it lies dormant in the body until it decides to rear its ugly head.  And 7 never has been a good number for me even though God and the Bible consider it the perfect number.
So we will see how 7 works for me on the 15th.
Kelli is now on a ford of Interferon daily injections and 2 weeks out it seems to be working.  However it is $5050 for a month's supply.  Her insurance covered the first batch but as of Halloween her insurance is out.
She has a lead on a data entry job at a St. Louis hospital right across from where she used to work.  Pray that this will happen so she will be insured and she will be able to get a car so she won't have to depend on bus and Metro trains.  It hurts her MS to ride them.
Also, Kiereney is supposed to fly to CT tomorrow night for her nanny job.  The nor'eastern is headed there as well so pray that all will be well.
Please keep on BELIEVIN'
Love to all!


linda eller said...

I am not dwelling on the returns of Tuesday, but on the RETURN in the near future. Have a good Thursday.

Debbie said...

I am so happy for Kelli, getting engaged. Will continue to pray for her health and for her getting a new job!!

I know that you were happy to get Michael home. How cool having all of them together. That rarely happens for me.

Also thinking good thoughts for you on the 15th. I have good feelings for you!!

Love ya!!!

God Bless~

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Good sharing....keep it up my dear.

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