11 December 2012

Week 2 of Advent

Hope everyone is enjoying the Advent journey to Christmas.
This has to be the best Advent of my 58 years.
I purposed to not get caught up in the secular, to do the things that meant the most to me during Advent and I have accomplished that.
Cookies are in the freezer with more to decorate tomorrow.
Cards have been sent out.
Watching Christmas movies and oldies from the past (Still need to watch The Polar Express)
Chose 2 tags from the Advent tree at church and bought receiving blankets and a journal per the wishes of the homeless.
Bought my best friend and her family presents.
Roger and I got a new printer.
I forgave my childrens' debts to me as their present.
But there have been some rough patches.
I have had to cut off relations with my eldest.  She lied to me resulting in me giving her money to do something about getting back on insurance only to find that the money was not used for that.  She has lost my trust and causing me stress so I have had to let her go for my sake.  Like she will care.  It's all about her anyway and as long as I am useful to her, that's fine to include me in her life.  You can choose your friends but not your relatives.
Also, I had one remaining aunt on my mother's side who I wanted to see Christmas Eve and last night her daughter informed me basically that they didn't have time for me to be at their house at any time.  So I guess  I am officially an orphan.  Noone left on my dad's side and noone left on my mother's side.  I'm not the only one in this position, I know, but it hurts.  My heart actually hurts.  And no one can make it better.  Being turned away from your remaining family hurts.  I'm trying to stay busy today.
Michael had to go back to VA for monthly drill and extended his stay to be with his friends so I guess he'll be home sometime this week.  I pray one of the 16 apps he has in for a military job or deployment will come through.
Bought some red and silver foam sheets with sticky back and I'm going to cut out Believe in each color and hang it on my tree.  I so miss my cell phone to take pics with but I will get pics and post them on my next post.  Not sure we're doing a tree this year with economics the way they are.  But my Advent wreat and manger are up as well as my jingle bell tree so all will be well.
Continue believing and may each of you have a phenomenal Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings or whatever fits in your case.


linda eller said...

This is an easy Christmas for us. We are not mailing cards, have a small table tree in livingroom, and all gifts were bought online and delivered to my door. I have a hard relationship with my middle daughter, so understand what you wrote about one of your children. I am an only child, and all relatives are deceased, and all I have are my children, and grandchildren. Thank goodness I get to see the grands any time I want...they light up my life. Have a good Wednesday.

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