18 December 2012

Week 3 of Advent

The 2nd week of Advent means Expectation.
The 3rd week of Advent means Joy.
I did not expect what happened the Friday of the 2nd week of Advent.
20 little, innocent children were taken away from their friends, their families, their school, their future and their innocence.
6 administrators/teachers, some of them who went to school for their teaching degree long before Columbine massacre, did what teachers do: 
They protected their kids to the best of their ability.
They told them that nice people were on the way to help.
They told them their parents would be waiting for them.
They quietly read stories or sang Christmas carols to divert their attention from the gunshots and their fear..
And those six administrators/teachers were taken away from their families, their friends, their school, their future and their innocence.
I heard about the massacre 15 minutes after it started.
I barely left my TV until Sunday.
My heart is irrevocably broken for Newtown, CT.
But those 26 are now safe in Heaven.
No one can ever hurt them again.
But what about the next massacre?
And yes, there will be one UNLESS EVERYONE steps up and does something about this.
I spent yesterday brainstorming and bouncing ideas off my husband and son, only to be told over and over that my idea was unconstitutional.
My God said killing is against His Constitution.
There are so many facets to this situation.
And so many assurances that SOMETHING WILL BE DONE.
And those assurances will be sincere and forthcoming until the 26th funeral is held.
And then it will go back to how it was before last Friday.
Afterall, what action did you see after Gabby Giffords, one of Congress's OWN, was shot and unable to serve again?
I have so many ideas.
I don't want to take away 2nd amendment rights.
I just don't think that the mentally incompetent and any type of assault rifle should be in our world except for the military and law enforcement.
And yes, although the perp TRIED to buy a gun earlier in the week but couldn't wait the 14 day waiting period and thus used 4 of his mother's arsenal that apparently he had access to (AND WHY WAS THAT?) he still destroyed a lot of lives, those he killed and those who remain who have to find a way to live with what he did.
His brother said he always had mental problems.
I have an ADHD daughter.  If over the last 26 years I had seen ANY MINUTE INDICATION that she could POSSIBLY injure anyone, I would have had her at my side 24/7.
You can't tell me parents do not see this in their children.
But you can tell me that parents are in denial and think that their child could never kill 26 people in near execution style.
I have a newly elected representative in my state that was once my son's Commander in the Illinois National Guard.
I want to call him, present my ideas and see where he can do with them.
But, as was pointed out to me, my ideas would be unconstitutional, an invasion of privacy, etc. etc. etc.
In other words, too many things would have to be CHANGED to protect innocent victims from massacres as was in Columbine, Oklahoma City, the Colorado movie theater, the Mosque, and sadly, the list goes on.
So I'm no better than anyone else in sitting back and thinking SOMEONE ELSE will solve this problem...
Perhaps our elected officials?
They are deadlocked according to party...they can't even agree on protecting us from the Cliff at the end of the year.
I am disillusioned, depressed and in denial.
We are the superpower of the world.
We send our soldiers everywhere to help others.
And yet, we can't help OUR citizens from being executed?
I had dreams.
I had hope.
I have nothing now.
Holding on to BELIEVE.  A sweet, sweet sistah friend sent me a box of Believe things as well as a handmade Rosary.
I'm holding onto that Rosary as I sit here.
And, no, I am finding no JOY in this 3rd week of Advent.
Just sadness and tears and tears and tears.


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